Oh, Smooches *sigh*

Here, in no particular order, are some of my favorite smooches. 

–I like the smooch where there’s no question it’s going to happen.  The smoocher is standing full on in front of the smoochee with that smooching grin on his/her face.  Bot smoocher and smoochee lean in at the same time and soft lips brush soft lips.  And brush again.  And linger just long enough that a soft tongue slips from one mouth to the next and is met by the other.

–I like the smooch where the smoochee is being a little ridiculous about something that makes the smoochee both exasperating and irrestistable and the smoocher grabs the smoochie’s shoulders, backs him or her up against a wall, and presses him or herself full up against the smoochee, maybe with a hand on the back of the smoochee’s head, and the smoocher kisses the smoochee like that should end the discussion.

–I like the smooches where, afterwards, you stare at youself in the bathroom with that dopey grin on your face, your hair all messed up, and your mouth all red from whisker burn.

–I like the smooch you don’t expect, where you’re just sitting there talking and the smoocher leans over and plants one on you.

Can you tell what a person is like in bed from how they smooch?

Porn star Jack Lawrence says:

You can tell if someone is a good lover or not by how they kiss. . . . Kissing is an art form . . . if it comes from the heart, you can express yourself and understand exactly what a lover wants in bed. . . . It’s all about passion and being able to read a kiss.

I don’t know.  I think I’m a pretty good kisser.  I’m less sure of the rest of my repertoire.

But I found that whole Village Voice article interesting.  I do find kissing to be very intimate and have a hard time with the whole “Hello!” *kiss, kiss* phenomenon.  I wouldn’t run up to Dr. J after not seeing her for months and grab her tit.  In the same way, I wouldn’t run up to her and kiss her, not even on the cheek.  And I don’t mind smooching her!

Anyway, I’m tired of talking about depressing things.  Let’s talk about smooching.  What makes a good smooch?  Who do you like to smooch?  Is there anyone you would stand around smooching for three hours, onlookers be damned? (I mean, of course, aside from me.)

17 thoughts on “Oh, Smooches *sigh*

  1. Personally I like the old stand by that goes on so long that you are literally “weak in the knees” after it, knees bent, about to fall, a bit dazed and emotionally giddy.

  2. *sigh* Oh, B, you’ve got me sitting here in my oversized Tim McGraw night shirt wistfully longing for him to magically jump out of it, turn and gently hold my face in his hands, gaze at me with those bedroom eyes, and then begin to softly brush his lips on mine. Then he would press his lips in ever-so-slightly harder and begin to kiss me me softly, working up to a deep, wet looooong kiss.

    Then Faith would step in and kick my ass.

  3. Porn star Jack Lawrence totally made that up, the part about being able to tell who’s a good lover by the way they kiss. I’ve certainly had long knee-shaking make-up sessions with men who didn’t really know their way around a woman’s body (not a crime in itself, but you have to be willing to try) and some of my best lovers, including my current one, aren’t so great at kissing. I never thought I’d stay so long with someone who can’t make my knees shake with a kiss, but there you go. Other things mattered more.

    Nonetheless, I loved reading your smooch spiel. I should add one to the top list… the kiss that gets planted elsewhere first, like the forehead or cheek, pretending to be all innocent and meaningless when you both know where those lips would rather be!

  4. You see B, I still owe you a forehead kiss. Remember? Cuz you thought I was not familiar with Gertrude Stein.

    What I would do, you see, is plop a gentle forehead kiss, dry and fleeting, on your forehead as you sat there annoyed at having to endure the experience.

    But then, you would notice my clever, clever tongue, just sneaking through to lick through those chaste lips…. and you would think to yourself, “Is that just an accident? Did this crazy conservative mean to do that?” And I would pull away, and smile. And you would think about whether that smile was one of simple friendship, or one of much more when you consider the poetry I have composed of your most delicious boob freckle.

    Not that I mean to tease. Oh no, not at all.

  5. Married people don’t kiss, ya know.

    They don’t? Guess I’m doing it wrong.

    My favourite kiss is the Aragon-Arwen-first of seventymillionendings of ROTK kiss, where there’s just a hungry grab followed by a soul-embracing, longing-fulfilling mashup.

    Of course that has only happened like twice in my life (when I was awake.)

  6. Oh, I forgot to list my favorite kiss. It’s the one that goes on an unusual but receptive part of your face — maybe under the eye, or at the far end of the cheekbone — which is nice in itself but also tantalizing because you don’t know for just an instant whether it’s an isolated kiss meant to get your attention or the prelude to more of them, in more places. And for that tantalizing instant you are all tingly hope and expectation.

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  8. You wouldn’t run up to me and grab my tit? Dammit! I’ve been holding out for that. I also hate the air-kiss next to the cheek thing. My dissertation chair always does that to me. He’s like 70 and it makes me uncomfortable to have a man that old and muppet-looking come close to me with lips puckered. Although I wouldn’t mind it so much if you did. Though I might rather you just plant one on me instead of kissing my cheeks. Once you’ve had some of Aunt B’s smooches, you never forget it.

    Dr. J

  9. I want to defend the kiss on the cheek, or even one on each cheek, greeting. There’s kisses and then there’s kisses. Some are just nice and friendly. Others are sex. Kiss greetings aren’t for everyone or all times, but they are nice.

  10. I too find kissing to be very intimate. But ever since I moved to a job that requires dealing with so many folks from around the world, I’ve been having to do the kiss-kiss greeting. And you know what? Now that I’m used to it — I kinda like it.

  11. I woud stand around and smooch my husband for hours on end, completely and blissfully unaware of onlookers. Last year we spent our 23rd anniversary kissing on our couch for at least an hour.

    And I believe a person’s kiss gives a preview of the kind of lover they are, so if you kiss someone and it just ain’t making any bells ring, or they’re doing something with their lips that makes you think WTF?!?, it’s probably not a good idea to sleep with them.

  12. Mmm, kisses.

    I, myself, am partial to first kisses … you’ve been waiting and wondering and maybe holding hands and then suddenly the moment shifts and then you’re there…. *sighs*

    Those are good, but (obviously) rather limited in supply.

    I also like the ones where you just know that if you turn your head a little bit, or if you make eye contact just so, your lips are going to wind up on that other person’s. Nice with a new person, nice with a partner. *grins*

    I am also rather fond of being bitten, both in the process of kissing and, ah, just as a bite. (Provided it doesn’t tickle much, on accounta my being oh-goodness-ticklish about every little thing.)

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