In Which I Solve the Insurance Crisis

Okay, here’s what we’re going to do about insurance: nobody gets it.  Nope, not even rich people.  No one gets health insurance.

Instead, you buy from me a necklace with ten special beads on it (which will cost you $250).  You rub the beads against the body part that ails you for nine days, while praying to God for you to be healed.

If you are healed, it’s because you’re a good person who God loves very much.

If you are not healed, it’s because you suck and deserve to suffer.  What a shame.  Perhaps another $250 necklace might help.

Sure, it sounds like a cruel scam that serves to benefit only me, but here’s my question, America–can that be any more of a cruel scam than to deny the claim of a woman who has miscarried because you’ve decided that she had an “elective abortion“?

I doubt it.

2 thoughts on “In Which I Solve the Insurance Crisis

  1. I have to say that BCBS TN was always very good here – until we lost coverage last month when we couldn’t afford the premium after 17 years.

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