Further Clinton Anxiety

I caught Bill Clinton this morning talking about what his role in a Hillary administration would be and my concern about the advisability of this for the health of our country continues.

I just don’t believe it’s good for us to have power pass back and forth between two families.

Bill tried to convince America that it’s not a dynasty, but it feels like that to me.

I’ll vote for her, if it comes to that, but I just don’t like it.

8 thoughts on “Further Clinton Anxiety

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  3. But come on! You don’t think that’s weird to even suggest that we should continue to have more presidential candidates from the same family?

    I like Chelsea, but I think that talking about the plausibility of having three presidential candidates from the same nuclear family of three is scary.

    That’s not how it’s supposed to work. If people want more Bill Clinton, then people should work to get the Constitution changed so that he can run again. We shouldn’t be trying to sneak him back into the White House through the back door.

  4. Well, this ain’t supposed to be about Bill. I could care less if he lives there or shacks with a supermodel during Hillary’s presidency. True enough, I think he could be well used in the area of diplomacy. The world likes Bill Clinton.

    But to thin that Chelsea’s agenda would be the same as her mom or Dad’s is giving her enough credit. Likewise, Hillary is not bill, they are married, but they are pretty independent of each other. Hillary is head and shoulders the best nominee of the people running. I guess in a perfect world, more choices would be available, but it takes money and guts to run for office, and she has demonstrated that she has plenty of both. Like Bill, she will no doubt surround herself with the best people she can find, then (horrors!) meet with them and seek their guidance, instead of recklessly shooting from the hip, like the Shrub.

  5. True enough. And I will vote for her when/if she is nominated and feel that I made the best choice I could. And I will dance in the streets to think that I helped vote for a woman president.

    I just don’t want to lose sight of the fact, though, that more choices should be available.

  6. I find her way too mushy and (despite the way the Rush Limbaughs of this world foam at the mouth and call her a socialist) hardly even liberal in her ideas. She’s a centrist candidate, as was her husband before her, and I refuse to buy into the concept that the only way to elect a Democrat to the presidency is to elect a Republican. I would vote for her against Giuliani (or pretty well any of the Republicans in the race at this moment) in a flash, if that’s what it comes to, but not in the primaries. No way.

  7. She’s not my favorite candidate, but ultimately, I won’t decide who will get my vote based on who they are married to/related to.

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