Miracles of Modern Medicine

My least favorite thing about Nashville, second only to the outlandish price of houses, are all the Christians.

Sometimes, though, they are also my favorite thing.

This is the story my nurse told me today, as I sat on a table waiting for the doctor, how her brother had been in a horrible accident and how the doctor told him he would never walk again.

See what a good story it is already?

In telling you the set-up, you can already see the end.

The only thing missing is what she said, what makes the story different from every other story one might hear that starts “and how the doctor told him he would never walk again.”  What the ‘what happened’ meant to her.

She said that she hadn’t even been aware of the heaviness on her, but when her god spoke to her and told her that her brother would walk again, she felt the heaviness lift and she knew it was true.

And it was.

4 thoughts on “Miracles of Modern Medicine

  1. But will she get to play with her dead babies in heaven? Because that’s what it’s all about. I guess.

    I swear. What is it with God anyway? First the dead babies and now this random blog entry which is again with the almightiness.

    Okay. I get it. I’m listening. But to what? To WHAT?!?

  2. To me, which I realize might not be helpful to you, I loved this story when I heard it beause it reminded me that science isn’t omniscient and that lots of things happen that we can’t understand or explain.

  3. False hope is better than reality? And this is the nurse treating you?

    Me: “Can I get another nurse please?”

    Or are you saying it was true — that eventually the brother did walk? Did this occur through some sort of miracle and, if so, why isn’t that all over the news? Or were there months of treatment and rehab and then he walked again . . . through better science than the original doctor possessed.

    Our family’s favorite doctor lately, btw, is the one who said he didn’t know something, he had to consult with his colleagues. And he did and he came back with an answer that was different from his original failed attempt.

    That’s science. Not always right the first time but a helluva lot better than wishful thinking.


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