Sadly, I Have Been Diagnosed with Brown-Eyed-Handsome-Man-itis

The doctor says I’m going to have to give them up, for my health.

No, actually, there’s nothing that stands out as being wrong.  My heart is good.  My blood pressure is good.  My temperature is good.  Except that I can’t breathe, I appear to be pretty healthy.

I like my doctor.  I also wrote her a letter and I found that very helpful as well–both in terms of it making it easier for me to talk to her and for me feeling like I said everything I needed to say.  I told her my financial woes and gave her my priorities for things to work on and so that’s what we’re doing.

She wants to get me in a sleep clinic as soon as possible, but we’ll have to see how expensive it is.

Still, I feel good about things and I like her.

11 thoughts on “Sadly, I Have Been Diagnosed with Brown-Eyed-Handsome-Man-itis

  1. Good to hear, especially that she’ll try to find a way to help you get the stuff you need. But the not breathing part … not so great.

  2. Joy joy joy!

    So glad you and your doc are moving forward together to help you feel better. Teamwork is a lovely thing.

    Since you’re having to give up the Brown-Eyed Handsome Men, feel free to send ’em over my way. I gave up the Blue-Eyed Handsome Men a few years ago and have yet to try out their comrades-in-arms.


    Here’s to feelling better, miss. Many hugs and smooches.

  3. This hazel-eyed man is quite pleased.

    Besides finding perfect-fitting underwear, there is nothing quite as good for the soul as having a doctor who is your partner in your well-being.


  4. Glad you like her, B. I was thinking of you. I hope you guys get things figured out with the breathing soon!

  5. Yay, good news. I hope the sleep clinic thing will work out for you.

    Ain’t no cure for Brown-Eyed-Handsome-Man-itis, though. I’ve had it bad for 16 years now.

  6. In the meantime, if you haven’t tried them already, I recommend Breathe-Right strips (or their generic equivalent). I have all sorts of pulmonary and sinus problems and they’ve been a godsend. They may not help, but might be worth a try.

  7. Ain’t no cure for Brown-Eyed-Handsome-Man-itis, though.

    Ummmm, why would you want there to be? Snag you one and keep him!

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