Like Cool Water

This morning I was talking on the phone to one of you, a person so devoted to victory that, when he achieves it, he will often thrust his pelvis at his opponent AND talk smack about the people on his own team, and said person said to me “It’s all about the winning with you, isn’t it?”

And, y’all, that just struck me as so funny that I laughed like a grade-schooler at a slumber party.  I mean, I laughed, thought I was done laughing, and tried to calm down only to find that there were still more giggles and when those subsided, more bubbled up.  I had to tilt my head back and just let them come.

I haven’t laughed like that in ages.  It felt good.

My doctor (ha, the fact that I have a doctor about bowls me over) has me on a trial of Advair and she said it would be about two weeks before I noticed any big difference, but I’ve got to tell you, America, I feel like I notice a difference already.  I still feel like I’m breathing through a sponge and I still think I’m really noisy when I breathe, but I feel like more air is getting to my lungs.

I don’t feel like I’m struggling as much.  I wonder, too, if I’m sleeping better.

Anyway, my hope is that Advair will be a price that I can afford and I can keep taking it, if, indeed, the gradual improvements continue to gradually improve.

And I’m starting to think about this year’s utiseta and which consecutive nine nights I can devote to it before the end of the month.  I’m really looking forward to that.

11 thoughts on “Like Cool Water

  1. Wow, could the sleep and breathing problems all be as simply solved as Advair? That would be wonderful!

    As for the pelvis-thrusting smack-talking person, I am so shocked to find that you know someone who engages in projection that I must find myself a fainting couch. Stat.

  2. I hope you have good insurance. Advair is one of the most expensive inhalers out there. :(

    Glad to hear you are starting to feel better though!!

  3. Wait, wait, Megan. She gave me the one I have for free. How expensive are we talking?

    NM, I don’t think it will solve everything. I’m still going to have to go in to get this sleep crap taken care of but I’m happy to feel less like I’m drowning in my own body.

    As for the pelvis-thrusting smack-talker, that’s what tickled me so much. It’s true that there are certain situations in which I do like to win above all else, and I was just struck by the realization that, though we have very different good qualities, we have some very, very similar bad qualities. I just find that hilarious.

  4. Advair under its trade name can be had via mail-order for about $1 a dose. There are generics that your doc can steer you toward for less. Either way, it’s a hell of a lot better than slowly suffocating.

    You might want to check if your health plan has prescription support. Some do, some don’t. HR would be happy to explain your benefits plan to you or they can hook you up with someone externally who can do so, so do ask for assistance.

  5. When I worked at CVS, Advair did not yet have a generic available, and cost around $150-$175 for one inhaler (30 days worth), if I am remembering correctly. It’s been a few years since I’ve been a pharmacy tech, so a generic might have been approved and would cost significantly less. If you want I can ask my boyfriend–he works as a pharmacy tech at CVS (for one more week! Yippie!).

  6. hopefully the generic will be acceptable to you.

    inhalers can be tricky; i know one asthmatic who can tell a clear difference between CFC-free and the older CFC-containing ones, and the newer CFC-free ones do not work for them. even if the active ingredient is identical. this friend of mine scoffs loudly at the TV ads for CFC-free inhalers, needless to say.

    that’s not an issue with advair, of course, as it has no propellant as such. still, generics and brand names are identical in theory, and we all know what the difference between theory and practice is.

  7. already feeling better … just like your herbs were already looking happier 30 minutes into the fresh dirt

  8. and just like the herbs that are doing quite well NOW, you too will probably be showing real signs of improvement in the time the doctor knows it generally takes to happen.

    Don’t misunderstand that I am doing anything more than teasing: I love your combination of the placebo effect and the positive self-fulfilling prophecy strategy. Keep it up.

  9. Oh, I know you’re teasing, but just in case, I’m imaging soft lips on my neck and firm but gentle hands on my tits. I feel it. I feel it. I will will it to happen.

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