The Transgendered Ruin It For Everybody, Therefore I Have to Take Over the GLBT Community

Via, I have found an article so stupid (or perhaps intellectually dishonest) as to take one’s breath away.  In summary, transgendered people are ruining it for gay people by being transgendered because a.) everyone hates transgendered people, even gay people and b.) so it’s not fair for transgendered people to want justice, because now is the time for gay people to get justice, and gay people don’t even get transgendered poeple, so stop glomming onto our issues and just suffer until America decides not to hate you.

These are old, old divisive wounds in the GLBTetc. communities (as one might have guessed from following certain feminist blog wars).  People who had self-identified as lesbians decided that they were really straight FTM transsexuals not gay women, thus causing some bitterness in the lesbian community (not to mention the faction of feminists who consider MTF transsexuals to be using their male privilege to intrude into female-safe spaces).  And so on.

But what strikes me in this article are three things.  One is the obvious one–that since “everyone” is uncomfortable and confused and grossed out by transsexuals, they obviously need protections.  The fact that “no one” likes them is not an argument against including them in this legislation, but exactly the reason why they should be included.  Two is this dishonest notion that the transgendered community is wholly separate from the gay and lesbian community, which is a complete rewrite of history.  And third is this notion that gay and lesbian folks only ever accepted transgendered because gay and lesbian leaders told them they had to.

Well, what the hell?  Who are these gay and lesbian leaders to start with?  Second, do gay and lesbian people just follow orders from their leaders unthinkingly?


If so, I declare myself a leader of the LGBTTTIQQA community.  I fully expect that such a move makes me impossible to disobey.

My first order of business would be to have some of you bring me cookies and the rest of you wrestle control of the remote away from the Butcher, who is playing channel flip beyond all reason.

5 thoughts on “The Transgendered Ruin It For Everybody, Therefore I Have to Take Over the GLBT Community

  1. Having a very close friend who is a FTM, this issue hits quite close to home for me.

    I’ve watched him be pilloried by the gay community at large for the last 5 years, and it’s troubling–to say the least.

    There has always been a lot of politicking on the backs of the transgendered which I don’t think is fair.

  2. I read that article this morning–it’s always fun when John Aravosis has one of his periodic attacks of stupidity and entitlement.

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