In Which I Tease Slarti and Exador

How do you do the computer work you need to do with your big ole fat man fingers?

Not that I’m bragging or anything, but swapping out memory on a computer is so easy for me because I can get my hands in there and still see what I’m doing.

(Let’s not think about the fact that there are places that charge $80 an hour to do what I just did on three computers in ten minutes.  That ruins the fun for me.)

3 thoughts on “In Which I Tease Slarti and Exador

  1. i’ve got a years-old scar right down the pad of my right index finger. was pushing a memory module into a Sun Ultra 60 workstation, if i remember right, and my finger slipped while using the one-finger-on-each-corner technique.

    i’ve got a larger, curved scar on my left wrist from having an IBM xSeries M80 (i think it was — big rackmount server, built like a tank as IBMs are) slip in my grasp while trying to lift it, too.

    the dark gods of the computers demand blood sacrifice; seldom will one work right for you until you have bled into it.

  2. Just as it is with sex and cooking: if you have the right tools, you can do anything! :)

    I’m a software guy, but I’ve swapped my share of memory. Some boxes had stuff crammed in there so tight, I walked away with bloody knuckles.

    That’s why I’ll never by a desktop again; notebooks have easy-access memory, and with a docking station they’re basically a desktop, anyway – and the price is just about the same now.

    But, slightly off-topic : I have a female doctor 1) because she’s a real human being and, 2) when you’re over 40, who wants someone with fat man fingers doing your yearly exam? ;)

  3. I have a delicate touch. Besides, there’s old saying:

    If it won’t fit, force it. If it breaks? Well, it needed to be replaced anyway.

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