Well, Shoot

I have to go in for a CAT scan on Monday because I have a mass of some sort in my right lung.

Seriously, if I had known my lungs were going to go to shit anyway, I would have taken up smoking when I was in junior high.

36 thoughts on “Well, Shoot

  1. Yes but is it a TINY CAT scan? And is it wearing pants? You investigate that while I pat your hand here for a bit. (pat pat pat)

  2. More than anything, I hope it’s not my fetal twin. Bleh. I could deal with anything but the thought of a tiny thing with fingers and eyes and in my lung… ugh. I kind of have a fetal twin phobia, thanks to Stephen King.

    But anyway, thanks for all your kind thoughts. The nurse said that it could just be scar tissue from all the times I’ve had pneumonia or some funky blood vessel issue… or it could be cancer, of course, but we won’t know anything for sure until we get the CAT scan.

    Does explain why I’ve had trouble breathing, though.

  3. Best wishes and prayers to assorted deities. The lungs are scary, yet annoying. There are two of them, though, which is a comfort.

  4. Dude, it’s totally your fetal twin. And you need to keep it in a jar when they take it out.
    Or, you know, it’s just from the pneumonia.
    Let me know when you’re going Monday.

  5. And once that fetal twin is in the jar, you’ve got to take it with you everywhere you go and insist that people address it in coversation, set a place for it at the table, include it in lunch reservations etc. This year’s holiday card will go to:

    Ms. Aunt B and Ms. Aunt B’s Fetal Twin

    The Mathlete and I are thinking many good thoughts for you.

    And your fetal twin.

  6. hey..it’s scar tissue. Seriously, you are beloved. I am sending you hugs and prayers, even if you don’t believe in the damn prayers.

  7. holy shit…I’m delurking as well to wish you luck upon lucks, I’m sure it’s the usual case of dirty smudgey doctor fingerprints on xray.

  8. OK, well, I know this doesn’t help so much and I know the power of the freakout all too well… but here. I worked for a lung surgeon for 14+ years and I’ve seen it ALL. And there really ARE a million different things this thing could be, so hang in there and think positive. You are much too young for most of the very worst it could be, my money’s on it being something really dumb. Like, hell… it could be a mucus plug (and that certainly would explain some of your problems of late).

    In any case, thoughts are with you and The Butcher and Mrs. W. You’ll be fine, B, I just know it. *hug*

  9. Ewwww, mucus plugs. I mean, I know they serve vital functions in various body bits, and they’re certainly a better idea than most other things that could get stuck in one’s lungs, the thought of them has always ooked me out.

  10. Here’s hoping it’s just a spot of umbrage, which would be totally expected given the state of things.

    Keeping my claws crossed for you.

  11. On the one hand, good luck and I hope your health problems evaporate soon. On the other hand, it’s never too late to take up smoking. I loved it for years.

  12. I’m with the fetal twin crowd. Those things are X-Files cool.

    Speaking as one who had one cleverly disguised as an ovarian cyst. OOoooooooOOOO. It even wigged out the doctor.

    But seriously, all shall be well.

    We loves ya, madam.

  13. Shut up! You had a real fetal twin?! It’s completely irrational, but now I’m convinced I have a fetal twin in my lung and it’s totally giving me the heebee jeebies.

    But I also would not be surprised if it were indeed umbrage.

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