Huffing Paint

At the Southern Festival of Books today I was accosted by a man who smelled so strongly of paint I thought I would pass out.  It’s unnecessary to be pissed off by that, but damn, it made me mad, him being all funky and too close and aggressive and suffocating.  I have issues.

Lots of folks had dogs with them.  I was distracted.

One of the things I like best about Nashville are the hills around town that makes it seem like we live in an egg carton.  So, I can stand at the state capitol, up on a hill and look down Charlotte Pike and see the hill with the ultramodern houses on it that sits just in back of my house.

I love the new Oxford American CD so much.


Well, that’s it.

One thought on “Huffing Paint

  1. Even though it’s not southern by about 900 miles, I totally love that Roches tune…and hearing Daniel Johnston pronouncing ‘griv-i-ance.

    I’m totally loving that CD..worth the price, if for nothing more than the David Banner song.

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