A Very Pleasant Scary Experience

My doctor sent me over to Premier Radiology and, when we got there, before nine, it was already packed.  I was concerned that I’d involved the Butcher in something that was going to take all day, but once they called my name, it went like this:

I took my bra off, laid down on the thing, got my IV, laid in a sunny donut, held my breath twice, suddenly felt like I peed myself (luckily, I was warned about that), held my breath again, and was all done.  I was done by 9:36.

I told my technician about my concern that I might have a fetal twin in my lung and she said not to worry–that in women, fetal twins are almost always in your ovaries.

I’m going to the doctor at three, so, hopefully, we’ll have some answers then.

9 thoughts on “A Very Pleasant Scary Experience

  1. Got my fingers and toes crossed for you, B!! Also sending up many good thought and prayers! Good luck this afternoon!

  2. Y’know in My Big Fat Greek Wedding how Andrea Martin’s character tells the grooms dad about the place on her spine that she had a babopsy on? How it ended up being a fetal twin? My mother had the same thing. It was on her spine or some such place. I hope it is a fetal twin cause that would make for good blog fod.

  3. Ah. Good to hear my rather vociferous prayers for peace and comfort and well-being for our B. were heard. I shall resume them.

    The fetal twin should be called Aunt C, of course.

  4. But I had so many cute names all worked up:

    Pulla (since it’s in her lungs)

    Wetsie (since I’m sometimes 4 1/2)

    Ann Athema (since B dreads her so much)

    ….and then there’s the blog authored by her called

    Lungtwin Calling

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