More Crap about Crap

–Next Wednesday is my trip to the pulmonary dude, I just found out.

–October is more than half over.  If I’m going to sit out this month, I have to get started soon.  Like this week.  Which means I have to make some Herculean effort to get my room clean and in order.  Look how awesome my altar was last year.  I have a nicer altar, thanks to Mack, but I’m just not sure it’s going to be as cool as that.

–Speaking of which, I have done a whole grand total of zero creepy things this October.  I can’t even think of any creepy things to do.  Readers, help!

–Also, where are folks who’ve finally abandoned Magical Journey going for supplies?

–Will this blog ever settle comfortably back into regular non-freaked-out nonsense?  I don’t know, but I hope.

6 thoughts on “More Crap about Crap

  1. Find a random stranger at the mall/grocery/library/whatever. Follow them without being spotted. See how much information you can gather about this person wihout their knowledge. Follow them home. Take pictures if possible of your quarry. Send them the pic with an anonymous note saying, ‘you are being watched’.

    Fun for the whole family!

  2. Speaking of which, I have done a whole grand total of zero creepy things this October.

    I think we can count “had radioactive dye injected into circulatory system to look at internal organs” as kinda creepy, for these purposes anyway.

    And the whole thing about your Union soldier, which I know was an analogy, did really put into clear focus just how creepy this whole thing is.

    But if you’re still looking for ooky-creepy, you’re welcome to come on over and play with the spiders who are laying eggs around my back deck.

  3. The creepy part for you is seeing how easy it is to become a stalker. Acting like a creep then looking at yourself in the mirror afterwards.

    Sometimes the creep stares back.

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