I Have Found the Butcher’s Birthday Present!!!!!

Two quick stories about the Butcher.

1.  The very first CD he ever owned, he got for Christmas one year–the Led Zeppelin box set.

2.  We’re sitting in Sitar and I suddenly hear this woman start yelling the Butcher’s name.  “Hey, look, it’s [the Butcher]!” and everyone in the restaurant turns to look and see who this woman is carrying on about.  “Hey, B., this is my friend Allison.  Allison, this is my sister.”  Awkward pause.  “Okay, well, I’m eating, so I’ll see you around.”  She’s all, “Oh, okay, great to see you.”  Yes, my brother has a groupie and that groupie is Allison Krauss.

What will the Butcher be getting for his birthday?


Tell me it’s not perfect.

7 thoughts on “I Have Found the Butcher’s Birthday Present!!!!!

  1. Huh? There are no guilty pleasures. And certainly finding the perfect present for the Butcher (in terms of both his enjoyment and your cleverness) should incur no embarrassment.

  2. Sounds like maybe she should be singin’ Lou Reed instead: “First thing you learn is you always gotta wait…”

    Not that I’m implying that the Butcher would need to add to his charms to have bluegrass divas stalking him at mealtimes or nothing.

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