When Was the Last Time We Closed Our Doors and Danced Around Our Offices Together?

It’s been too long, my friends. Far too long. As far as I’m concerned, this song is the perfect song for dancing around your office to, because, if you’re alone, you can just sit in your chair and spin back and forth to the rhythm while you’re busy typing away at whatever still lingers from a long week.

But if you’re lucky enough to have someone in your office with you, woo, are you in for a treat! Here’s what I recommend. Drop your arms to your side, let them just hang there loosely. Now, you put your left foot on the outside of your partner’s right foot and your right foot on the other side, everyone with their feet a comfortable shoulder-width apart. You both should adopt an air of slouchy indifference to the presence of the other. Perhaps look away from each other with pretend disdain.

Now, start to wiggle just a little bit to the song, swaying to Julie Driscoll’s voice, coming ever closer to brushing your hip against your partner’s. Oh, did you slow down just as Driscoll hit the chorus, letting your hip rest just for a second against the hip of the person so… close… right… next… to you?

No worries. Go back to behaving yourself. Wiggling in time to the music, pretending not to give a shit about the person so close to you you can smell the lingering scent of the soap they used in the shower this morning right… there… on the small of their neck… where your nose has nestled itself as you find your body leaning against theirs since it’s so much easier to enjoy the music if you just shut your eyes and sway together…

First they lean into you so that you both move in one direction and then you press against them so that you can move in the other direction and then, you get to the funky organ solo (tee hee!) and both take a step back to smile at each other in acknowledgment that you’ve completely overstepped some bound.

Smiling and swaying and staring into each other’s eyes. Staring, staring, moving closer.

It’s strange. It’s very, very strange.

Bodies pressed back together, music louder and louder, your eyes are shut.

Mistakes about to be made.

Whew, thank god it’s over.

Want to hear it again?

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