Is Out & About Calling Me Fat?!

Woo Hoo!  I made Out & About, Tennessee’s finest resource for gay and lesbian stuff.  Okay, well, they may be Tennessee’s only resource for gay and lesbian stuff, but in a conservative state like this, a girl can’t be picky.

Check it out:

While all the pickup trucks outside town may have revved a bit harder and louder at that statement, execs at the Steve Gill Show were probably salivating at the free press while Rich–who’s primary message that day was that we should all support Fred Thompson–was left to defend himself to the online masses.  (More mass here.)

And need I even tell you that the “More mass here” links you right back to me?

Very cool.  I am a one-woman mass.

7 thoughts on “Is Out & About Calling Me Fat?!

  1. Oh sure, they give you all the love. Me? I’m completely ignored. How i long to be called a part of the online mass.

    I think they hate me cuz i’m a top….

  2. Either that or Out & About is just trying to tell me that, whenever I’m around, Catholics feel the need to spend an hour kneeling and saying “Oh God!”

    Ha, I’m going to hell.

  3. Minnie Pearl got to church late and asked a guy on the steps, “Is maass out?” He said, “No, but your hat’s on crooked.”

    I think Out & About is just saying that your presence looms large — like Jupiter.

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