I’m Gonna Take This Itty Bitty World by Storm

So, where were we?

Ah, yes, the Butcher and I were headed off to the surgeon for the initial consult.

Well, we went and I must say that I have been very, very pleased with everyone over at St. Thomas and find them all to be pleasant and professional.  This doctor was no different.  I filled out all of my paperwork and then the Butcher and I went back.  I got my vitals taken, handed him Rachel’s list of questions, and before I could tell him about my foray into bizarre genital mutilations, the doctor was in there to basically tell me that he had consulted with the previous doctor and they were all in agreement that cutting me open was necessary.

And so I sat there and agreed that cutting me open probably was the best course of action and just as he was about to leave, the Butcher was all, “Wait, we still have three questions to cover on my list” and he proceeded to ask them.

I was disappointed to learn that I probably wont have a gruesome scar.  The Butcher was disappointed to learn that there really aren’t any complications from this surgery more than just some bleeding that will resolve itself.

And the doctor was all, “Shoot, I could work you in tomorrow.” to which the Butcher was all “No!  Absolutely not.”

This startled the doctor, but the Butcher explained that my parents want to come down for the surgery and there’s no way he’s going to spend his birthday cleaning the house so that it’s presentable for them.

So, next week it is.

Wednesday, I’ll go in for all the pre-surgery tests and bloodwork and anesthesiologist consult and then Thursday the 7th, I am first on his list of people to hack into.  A couple of days after that, we’ll know what the biopsy results are.

I’m sure I’ll go through a variety of emotions, but right now?  I just feel like kicking ass and taking names.  I’m like a man with a new truck.  I’m a kid with pockets full of candy.  I’m a girl just properly smooched.

I have a plan and there’s something to be done and we’re going to do it, no more pussy-footing around.

And that feels really good and so I feel really good.

15 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Take This Itty Bitty World by Storm

  1. It’s good to hear that that it is getting taken care of, and that you are facing it with such a “kick ass” attitude. I had a health problem once that required surgery, and my surgeon was the same way. “Let’s do this tomorrow”. No “Let’s wait and see” or “we could do surgery, but it may or may not help, so why bother” (that was the the solution my first surgeon offered. What a ray of sunshine that was). Best of luck next week. As always, I’ve got all appendages crossed!

  2. yup! nothing better than kicking ass and taking names – specially when it’s to do with YOU, individually, personally, intimately such as what you’re going through…rock on, all the best for an equally successful 7th complete with desired biopsy results – maybe it’s just a bit of fluff from Mrs. Wigglebottom, we can only hope.

  3. Dang lady, didn’t know that stuff was going on. I will keep a good thought for you to stay not-scared, on top of nothing-wrong-with-ya. xo

  4. Good Job! I am glad that you are dealing with this better and that the Butcher had the forethought to keep all of the priorities straight (Birthday-then Halloween-then Parents-then surgery).

  5. Having an plan to go kick some butt is definitely great.

    Also, being loopy on post-surgery drugs or pretending to be is a perfectly good excuse for drawing your own scars wherever you please with magic marker.

  6. I suggest drawing a few on the Butcher by way of trying out the aesthetic effects. You could tell him it’s a birthday present. ^_^

  7. How wonderful! Smart kind doctors and a smart kind helpful supportive brother in the room with you! Yaaaaay! I’m so glad to hear some good sense made its way into your situation.

    Tell them to be careful of the lovely boob freckle. You also can always get an interesting tattoo over the scar.

    We keeeeees you!

  8. Good deal. It is kind of frightening the way that surgeons are so eager to get cutting on people. They must all be slightly deranged. Ooo, and with a sexy battle-scar you can act out that hot scene in Lethal Weapon where Mel Gibson and whats-her-name start stripping down and showing off their scars.

    Hugs and smooches.

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