I, Too, Hope to Stick Around and Haunt People

Via The Wild Hunt:

 “I love that story about Susan Anthony that Zsuzsanna Budapest tells in her book. Some journalist asked Susan Anthony, because she didn’t believe in orthodox religion, I suppose, “Where do you think you’re to go when you die?” She said, “I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to stay around and help the women’s movement.” So even if I don’t live long enough to see these things, I’ll be around to make a nuisance of myself.”Doreen Valiente, the Mother of Modern Witchcraft.

I plan on spending my afterlife haunting folks who pick on Dan Abrams.  Well, that and following my enemies around and farting loudly while they’re in important business meetings.

I Really Want to Marry the Oxford English Dictionary

Y’all, if there’s one thing I love, it is snarkiness.  I think we all know that.  So, today, on a whim, I looked up “snark” in the OED and would you believe that it’s a word?

Not just a word, but a word with a history.

We see evidence of it being used to mean to find fault with or to nag back in 1882.

But look, look at the etymology!

“Corresponds to MLG. and LG. snarken (NFris. snarke, Sw. and Norw. snarka), MHG. snarchen (G. schnarchen, schnarken)”

More than one language has “snark” in it?

That’s going to tickle me all day.

In Which I Increase Nashville’s Tourism Dollars


It’s too bad we hate Mexicans.

Oh, I know.  We don’t really hate Mexicans.  We just hate the ones that are here illegally and, if we have to terrorize all brown people to get that point across, we will.

However, if we didn’t hate Mexicans, think about how awesome this week would be.

October 30

The Butcher’s birthday.

October 31


November 1

All Saint’s Day

November 2

All Soul’s Day

It would be like Mardi Gras, but here in the Fall.  We have beautiful cemeteries around town (and, in fact, the city cemetery needs, desperately needs, our love and funding), a large Hispanic population, and a city full of artists.  Why are we not spending all this week in costumes, eating candy, drinking tequila, paying homage to our dead folks, and freaking ourselves right the fuck out?

I mean, talk about your ecumenical holidays!  What gods don’t love this week?  You’ve got the Christian god involved, the Celtic gods, Mictecacihuatl (the Aztec goddess of death), Mexican syncronous religous deities like Santa Muerte, and, shoot, if we accept the tradition that the Wild Hunt starts tonight, we could involve everyone from Odin to Pertcha to a bevvy of saints and demons.

This idea is so genius I can’t believe no one’s thought of it before.