A Little Justice

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–Evil seems to spring up and burn through like a wildfire while good so often seems like one lone bucket that draws from an endless spring.

Enacting evil social policy that destroys communities and preserves injustice just for the sake of injustice seems easy enough.

Fixing it though?

Very difficult.

Today the feds released new sentencing guidelines for crack cocaine.  Yahoo explains the problem:

Federal law sets a mandatory minimum five-year prison sentence for trafficking in 5 grams of crack cocaine. It takes 500 grams of cocaine powder to warrant the same sentence. The crack-powder disparity has a strong racial dimension because more than four-fifths of crack cocaine offenders in federal courts last year were black.

And while the federal guidelines substantially lower the bottom end of a crack cocaine sentence from 63 months to 51 months, Yahoo explains

The mandatory five-year minimum trumps the lower end of the new guideline range that went into effect Thursday, meaning that the newly available range is 60 to 63 months. The same principle applies to the 10-year mandatory minimum, making the newly available range 120 to 121 months.

Still, since the old sentencing guidelines started at 63 months and 121 months, this is an improvement and, if they can indeed make these guidelines retroactive, folks will be coming home.

The sentencing commission is urging Congress to repeal the mandatory prison term for simple possession and increase the amount of crack cocaine required to trigger five-year and 10-year mandatory minimum prison terms as a way to focus on major drug traffickers.

Let’s hope that Congress listens.

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