19 thoughts on “Liberal TN Bloggers

  1. I wasn’t interested in listening to the speakers, but I am interested in food. And seeing ‘coma!

    I’d also like to discuss this Ron Paul thing even more, if anyone’s up for it.

  2. Would love to, but I will be flying back from Our Nations Capitol. *spoken like Forrest Gump*

    I’ll call Ivy when I land to see if y’all are still meeting up at the time I get back.

  3. January is way too late. We should be talking and planning now, and implementing strategies come january. This is the start of the Primary season. I’m down. The Dem HQ is available, apparently, so lets use it, and meet up. I’ll call So Beale, we need to hear from Wage and a few others.

  4. Hey y’all, Mack and I just yakked on the phone and we’re both up for it .. he’s going to call TN Dems to see if the room is still available. So, we’re game if y’all are.

  5. Freda said the room is ours if we still want it. So….perhaps we should all be tapping out contacts for commitments? Say, saturday, TN Dem HQ, from 11:00 to 1:00? Maybe 2:00?

  6. Oh well hell. Freda just called back, and the room is ours, except no one will be there to unlock the building. So, since there won’t be that many of us, we can always find a restaurant with a table for 10 or so, or, go to the library. Any ideas?

  7. Okay, I talked to Mack and I mentioned to him that we could meet at the US Border Cantina there just off West End. It’s huge inside and usually pretty empty during the day. The food’s great, the help’s cute, and if folks had to bring kids, it wouldn’t suck for the kids.

  8. Let’s say 11.

    Rachel, I don’t know. The doctor said I should feel fine by tomorrow, so let’s just assume that, at the most, I’ll be a little loopy and y’all can check out my awesome wound.

    If I don’t feel up for it–and believe me, I love their burrito–I just won’t come. If I feel up for it, but not safe to drive, I’ll just get someone to swing by and pick me up.

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