I Lived!

I’ll have more of an update for you later, because I’m still a little sore and sitting up like this is not very comfortable.

But it went great.

When I was under, I dreamed that John Prine would not write a song about me and boy was I pissed at him when I came out of surgery.  Worse yet, none of my medical team seemed to know who John Prine was, so as I was bitching about his lack of cooperation, they must have thought I was crazy.

Anyway, some folks have their stories.

I’ll fill you in on the truth later.

Counsel me, Frigg

Heill þú farir,
heill þú aftr komir,
heill þú á sinnum sér!

I do believe that words strong enough to keep a god safe are more than ample to keep me safe. 

But I’m still nervous.

If they have a “Biggest Baby about Stuff” blogger award, y’all can nominate me next year.

I really am more nervous about going under and the fact that I couldn’t find my glasses, so when I take my contacts out, I will be wandering around the hospital basically blind.

On the other hand, I’m really excited that you can type “Þ” in WordPress.  So there’s that.

Okay, I’ll see you guys later.