I am a Terrible Incapacitated Person

I’m bored.  I’m pissed off.  I just hacked up blood, which would have been gross on its own, but even grosser that it ended up on the bathroom wall.  I’m terrible company and yet I’m furious that, yet again, there’s no one here.  It’s not that I need need anyone to be here, but you know, when you splatter blood on the bathroom wall, it’s nicer if the conversation goes

Me: Oh god.

Anyone but me: What?

Me: I just hocked a huge wad of blood on the bathroom wall.  Is that normal?

Anyone but me: I don’t think so.  Do you feel bad otherwise?

Me: No, I feel pretty good.

Anyone but me: Okay, well then, let’s keep an eye on it and, if it happens again, let’s call the doctor.

Me: Okay, thanks.  That makes me feel less freaked out.

I’m tired and I’m tired of being tired.  I’m bored and lonely but I’m in no condition to have guests.

I should just have it out with the Butcher, because I’m pissed that the second my parents left he ditched me to go hang out with his friends.  I have seen him a grand total of maybe thirty minutes in the past three days.

And yet, what kind of mean-ass person am I for wanting company for my misery?  I mean, this sucks for me.  Why would I want someone who felt fine to just sit around and keep an eye on me when it means four days of shitty television and me being a big baby?

So, what can you do?  If you’re me, inflict it on the internet instead, I guess.

9 thoughts on “I am a Terrible Incapacitated Person

  1. What kind of person are you? Normal. The Butcher, OTOH, is acting like a jerk. You just went through surgery under general anesthetic, and it’s going to take a few days for you to be back to normal, and all he’s worried about is that he didn’t get to hang with his buddies when your parents were there? A-hem.

  2. I guess you’re right. It just seems pointless for him to sit around here doing nothing with me, but I really could have used him sitting around here doing nothing with me.

    Oh well. What can you do?

  3. Yeah, that was a bit, um, fucktard-ish of the Butcher.

    So you coughed up blood? On the bathroom wall? Gross. It’s probably normal, seeing as how you just got your neck cut open, but I agree, sleep on it and if it happens again, call. In the meantime, water is your best friend.

    (we don’t mind you taking out your angst…that’s what blogs are for, right?)

  4. Just when I thought that Butcher was finally stepping up…

    If he really likes his friends so very much, maybe he could drive their cars (I assume he’s using yours right now?) Maybe he could live at their houses so that he wouldn’t have to be inconveniently separated from them.

    It’s an option I would urge him to look into. Seriously. And not out of petty motivations entirely. It’s time for him to go on and grow up and he’s obviously not doing that while he’s living with his surrogate mom.

  5. And ew, yuck, hocking up blood sucks and I agree with the “other person who is not me” that this is something that merits some “watch and see.”

  6. Absolutely. One time is actually no big deal, it’s just your body doing a reminder that it has to React to surgery even after it’s over.

    Twice is a smoke signal for it to be checked out.

    Sometimes it is best just to have another body in the house…but someone who could actually *help* in case this becomes a pattern or suddenly more frequent….

  7. You hocked up a blood loogie on the wall? That is so gross.

    Cool. Did it like hang there, and slowly plop down like a slinky down a set of stairs? That would be so awesome.

    (That’s the inner 13-year old in me. Hope you’re feeling better and that there are no more blood loogies in your future.)

  8. Aw, Lee, I wish it were that awesome. It was more like me just sitting on the toilet hacking up a lung, feeling something go flying, and then being all “I’m going to have to find that giant slab of snot. How gross is that?” and then me looking at the wall and being, “What’s that huge red spot?” and then putting two and two together. Still, as disgusting as it is, I’m kind of proud that I can sit on the toilet and hit the wall with something I coughed up.

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