What We Need is a Round Table

It’s not been all misery and constant bitching. I got out of the house yesterday for lunch to head over to the informal liberal bloggers get-together. It ended up being me, Mack, SouthernBeale, Newscoma, SquirrelQueen, Chris Wage, and Lesley and a shit-ton of UK fans who were cornholing in the parking lot.

It was good.  I found it very energizing, but all of the conversations going on were so interesting that I kept getting distracted.

So, I know we covered this at lunch, but I was clearly not taking notes.  If you had to recommend a handful of national liberal blogs a person should be reading, what would they be?  And state-wide?

9 thoughts on “What We Need is a Round Table

  1. Hey, B, it was good meeting you and everyone else!

    My two favorite National liberal blogs are: Digby (Hullabaloo) — everything this woman writes is incredible. You’ve got to read her.

    Atrios (Eschaton) — Atrios probably has more posts than a lot of other bloggers, so it’s fun to check back in throughout the day and catch up with the latest.

    For some reason I never visit the Great Orange Satan, er, I mean Daily Kos. But a lot of folks do. Others I do like:

    Think Progress
    Huffington Post

  2. Everything that Southern Beale said. Digby is my favorite and Atrios does quick snips but keeps everyone coming back. Atrios’ comment sections are really interesting and saucy when it comes the liberal mindset, I think.
    I’ve also talked about buying a Vespa over there. Go figure.
    Raw Story at http://www.rawstory.com/
    Josh Marshall at http://www.talkingpointsmemo.com/
    And of course, Ezra Klein.

    So. Beale, I don’t go over to Daily Kos either unless Steve Cohen is posting over there.

  3. Well drat. I got an invitation to the meeting that was cancelled but not this one. I had forwarded the invitation to 3 other bloggers who I believe were coming (to the cancelled meeting!). Oh well, I guess that’s what I get for being out of the loop. Maybe next time.

    But I’m glad you went ahead and had the meeting!

  4. Egalia, that’s partially my fault. I have a shitty email address for you and I should have put Mack on tracking down a better one, but I was distracted by the surgery and the aftermath.

    I’m the least organized person on the planet and I really don’t want to become the keeper of the liberal email addresses (both because I’m disorganized and because I feel like I’m not tapped into who all the liberal bloggers in TN are), but someone should have such a list.

    Do the state Democrats have a Bill Hobbsian person working for them?

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  6. Well, Aunt B., you deserve a medal for doing it in light of surgery and all. So let’s blame me for being remiss in staying in the loop. Seriously.

    I’ve seen no signs that the Dems have anyone in such a position; their blogroll is pathetic. I’ll email you over the weekend.

  7. B, there is no Bill Hobbsian person from what I’ve seen.
    Egalia, we are hoping to do this again. This was part of my issue this weekend that the Democrats Website is really so bad here in the state.
    And Aunt B. was a trooper. And it was good to see friends who are like-minded about our politics.

  8. Hee. I know where you can get a lovely round table built for about $10k. With wiring for blogging and everything!

    I know, I know… not germane to the conversation. But I’ve spent the past three or four weeks trying to make conference tables materialize at my job, only to find at the last minute I can’t go through with my order because of PR issues. On the one hand, good on them for finally realizing just what a shitty move it was going to be… on the other hand, I really liked working with the carpenters, and, what can I say? I enjoyed spending company money. So now I notice tables everywhere.

    … and chairs, and lounge furniture, and stacking chairs, and…

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