Are Alabama Libertarians the Best Kind or What?

You may remember Alabaman libertarian gubernatorial candidate Loretta Nall.  Well, she’s up to amusing no-good again, this time coming to the defense of folks who sell sex toys.

She’s sending, and encouraging her readers to do likewise, sex toys to busybody politicians.

I do hope that Troy likes his pink, inflatable, penetratable pig. I would have sent a regular blow up doll….but I wanted to encourage him to breed only within his species…hence the pig. I’ve also considered dressing up in a penis costume and attending the next press conference on this issue….however, I am afraid that in such a costume I might be mistaken for Troy King or any of the many dickheads that inhabit Montgomery, AL.


As we say here in the land of Hee-Haw, Loretta Nall, Say-lute!


It does make me wonder whether it would be effective to send single cans of beer to Erica Gilmore?