Is this my lucky day or what?

1.  Ninety minutes of Grant from Ghost Hunters!

2.  The Butcher is going to make his first batch of chili tomorrow!

3.  Antioch Auto Center has a commercial in which they announce that they are serving us in Jesus’ name.  I must be misremembering that He was a carpenter.

4.  Dan Savage answers questions about my favorite topic.  Here’s my opinion, though I’m willing to be wrong: I don’t think it works very well for one person to ask his primary partner to do that for him.  I think that probably ends up with the primary partner feeling jealous and maybe like he’s looking to have his cake and eat it, too.  But I think if the two people already together view it as a chance to seduce the third party as a couple, well, good times for everyone.

5 thoughts on “Is this my lucky day or what?

  1. Woot! I got 90 minutes of Grant as well. The whole thing with the audio guy getting knocked down by a ghost was weird. Both of his hands were on the boom mike, but the bag moved.
    I also share Steve’s freakedoutedness over spiders.
    I thought last night was fun because I like behind-the-scenes stuff.

    Woo-hoo indeed!

  2. Did you watch the episode before it? They’ve for so long been going to famous places that I’d forgotten just how scary it is when they go to an ordinary house and weird shit happens. But the early episode last night was two cases where they went to regular houses and caught some weird shit happening.

  3. I watched it all and it was so damned creepy. (I have requested that West Tennessee Ghost Hunters come to my house. I haven’t had a response yet but I’m sure if they do I will be scared shitless and delighted at the same tiem.
    The shadow people freak me out. (As you know, I like to be freaked out.)
    Woot again. Now if we could find private funding to go get Bigfoot. If anyone can do it, we can.
    We’ll have Mack bring the tequila!

  4. Yup. We all believe that the house is haunted. Some weird stuff has happened and, I have to tell you, some of it is sorta comforting. Other stuff is just weird.
    Freaky stuff at Chez Coma.

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