“…like that time Batman taught us all to bellydance.”

Was there anything funnier than the South Park episode that lampooned Family Guy?  As the Butcher pointed out, it single-handedly ruined Family Guy for everyone in our house.

I can’t tell if Fox’s completing episodes without Seth MacFarlane is going to be the most hilarious thing to happen to that show or the least.

4 thoughts on ““…like that time Batman taught us all to bellydance.”

  1. i couldn’t watch it. i don’t wany my enjoyment of family guy to be ruined.

    amusing story: the (then 2.5, now four year old) daughter of a friend had generally watched family guy along with her parents, because they figured she wasn’t paying attention. then one day during the opening sequence they paused the tv, and heard a small voice sing “and sex on tee vee.” quickly family guy was relegated to after-bedtime viewing.

  2. Yeah, I tried to watch Family Guy with my preteen nephews once and it was … awkward. And then I thought, Why the hell am I watching Family Guy? I hate this show! and then I changed the channel and watched Modern Marvels or some shit.

  3. How sad is it for me (but awesome for you) that I have to learn what’s going on in the very company that I work for, from Tiny Cat Pants?

  4. Ha, I’m totally going to go home and try to pass myself off as an industry insider! Not that the cats will care, but I bet Mrs. Wigglebottom will be impressed.

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