I Await Word From Rachel

So, I finally heard from the surgeon. It turns out that I’ve got some necratizing granulomas (?!) in my lungs and a bacterial infection in my lymph nodes, but neither of those things, he says, are anything I need to worry about. I’ll have to go back to my referring physician and see if he advises a course of treatment, but the surgeon said that there’s probably nothing that has to be done, just keep an eye on it.

So, that’s good news.

I wonder if I can use my necratizing granulomas as a weapon of some sort…

Edited to add:  I await word from Rachel over at Women’s Health News to explain to me what necratizing granulomas are and if I even have the spelling right.  Leaving that out makes the title of the post make no sense.

15 thoughts on “I Await Word From Rachel

  1. My understanding is that a necrotizing granuloma is a type of tumor in which the tissues die (become necrotic) and thus doesn’t get any bigger. A lump, in other words. They are sometimes caused by inflammation/infection. As they say, nothing to worry about now.

  2. My medical dictionary, which is nowhere as informed as Rachel, says that they tend to be reabsorbed by the body. You could probably figure out some good superpower thing to do with that.

  3. I’m not Rachel (much to my shame) but here’s what I know about gran:nec

    Basically it’s like an internal zit. They show up in people who have been exposed to turbuculosis–my dad gets them all the time.

    And, yeah, I’m oversimplifying. But, functionally “internal zit”.

    See…I’m waiting Rachel’s much better and more comprehensive explanation.

  4. Ha, talk about a great superpower! I will embrace you and eventually you’ll be absorbed into my body!

    Internal zit. Great. I’m 33 and still have external zits. Now I have internal zits, too? Somehow this seems like a grave injustice.

  5. Ha, talk about a great superpower! I will embrace you and eventually you’ll be absorbed into my body!

    I think there were some folks in The Beastmaster movie who could do that.

  6. yes, an internal zit it may be, but at least it’s not an internal case of a fatal disease and I for one am relieved that it is “just a zit” … oh, and that great big LIE about not having external zits after that age of 18…was just a great big LIE. I think zits stop when we hit menopause.

  7. A. Am so very very glad all will be well. Knew it would, but still good to have it confirmed.

    B. I will embrace you and eventually you’ll be absorbed into my body!

    Isn’t that already one of your big selling points to potential hug-ees? Swoon!

    C. Some fetal twins have to be removed with pliers and a tow motor, y’all. Be glad.

    D. I think zits stop when we hit menopause.

    *starts laughing uproariously*
    *wipes eyes, snorts*

    Oh, y’all. I so wish that were true. What happens is that you’ve finally learned after all those years to apply concealer more expertly. (waves to the Prescriptives people)

  8. Delurking to say that we went through this exact same shit with my husband a couple of years back, and ended up with the exact same diagnosis. If you have any questions, complete with translations from the medicalese, shoot me an email. He’d be happy to commiserate, I mean, explain.

  9. I think you’re right, B. Isn’t a necratizing granuloma one of the characters you can roleplay in D & D?

    Let’s hope it all reabsorbs itself soon so you can breathe freely again.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  10. Shoot. I’ve been on vacation in a world that only has dial-up. I have therefore been ignoring the internet altogether. :) Can I take a raincheck and get back to you Thurs/Fri?

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