Oh, There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays!

Much exciting is happening in our family.  For starters, we are not going to get together for Thanksgiving, which means that I’ve been able to get invited to two different Thanksgiving dinners.

I think my parents are a little bummed, but they were just here and really, let’s be frank.  As much fun as I am online, if you had to see my boring ass all the time for thirty three years, you might want a holiday with some other branch of the family.

But second, someone in my family is retiring.  I won’t mention any names because he’s not mentioned it yet to his place of employment, but he’s really happy and apprehensive in a way that I find cute.

Anyway, so, I’ll be around.  Y’all have safe travels and check in here every once in a while if you need a break from all the family togetherness.

4 thoughts on “Oh, There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays!

  1. I’ll be in New York for the holidays. I wish I thought that was home, since I do live there, but so it goes. “Home” for me seems to be whereever I am not.

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