The Afghan Update

I’ve been perusing the granny square afghans at flickr and going through the afghans at Ravelry (which is this awesome site that Sarcastro’s mom tipped me off about*) and I see no other afghan like this.

I’m really excited. 

I love the idea of the traditional–these simple granny squares–juxtaposed against the unexpected–these colors that seem to refuse to stay put in their traditional patterns.

I’m going to need a couple of more skeins of brown yarn to finish and I had intended to go to Walmart today to get them, but the Butcher has my car.  I’d rather not brave the Black Friday crowds anyway, so there’s that.

I told my dad yesterday that I thought the Butcher was a little bummed that we weren’t going to be together for Thanksgiving, but the truth is that I was a little bummed about it.  It’s funny how deep the foodways in my family run and how being able to cook the things you cook and give them to the people you love become important to you even without your conscious knowledge.  Plus, last year I danced around with my mom.

I don’t know.

I’m bummed.  I’d go back to bed but I just dragged myself out of it three hours ago and there seems something fucked up about staying in bed all day when you should at least, be doing laundry and dishes.

*See?  This is what I loev about the internet.  Where else can dirty hippie liberals and mothers of libertarians get together to share vital information about the yarn arts?