America, I am a Wimp

I hurt my back moving laundry around yesterday.  It hurts to walk.  It hurts to sit unless I sit with my knees as high off the ground as I can get them.

I have drawn a picture to illustrate:


Can you justifiably leave work early because your back hurts?

We’ll see.  I wish we had some Bengay at home.

15 thoughts on “America, I am a Wimp

  1. I have once, at a previous employer, worked with someone who called in sick because of “not getting enough sleep” the night before, not as in we had a family tragedy and I was at the hospital until 5 AM, not as in I have chronic neverending insomnia, but as in I really just didn’t sleep as much as I wanted to last night.

    If that can be justified, I don’t see why a laundry injured back couldn’t.

  2. Absolutely. Laundry back is a common ailment…..or at least back pain is. I get that a lot and ended up getting an ergonomic chair at work…but since yours is event-related, that probably wouldn’t help. If you come by Vanderbilt tomorrow, they have a masseuse on staff on Thursdays. I will definitely be getting my 30 min slot.

  3. Exador, I can assure you that I couldn’t even locate my “lats,” let alone work them out.

    I appeal to two groups of people: people who like soft things to cuddle with and people who bruise easily and need to fuck folks with no hard edges. I’ve come to accept that.

  4. Wait, Colleen, there’s massage day? What the hell is going on on the med center side? I can assure you, we only have “ignore the fire alarm it’s broken again” days.

  5. I appeal to two groups of people: people who like soft things to cuddle with and people who bruise easily and need to fuck folks with no hard edges. I’ve come to accept that.

    Dude, get out of my demographic. It’s small enough as it is.

    Hee. I kid, I kid.

    Do the massage thing if possible, seriously. You’ve pulled something inadvertently and it needs to heal.

    Or just take the rest of the week off and stretch out on the couch with a heating pad and some generic Motrin, interrupted only by twice-daily leisurely walks with Mrs. W. and gentle stretches over to the coffee table to reach your snacks and drink. Repeat as needed.

    (Smooches also as needed.)

  6. Is there any leg pain with it, running down the butt? I ask not just because I am interested in the welfare of your Swedish butt (without which many an on-line butt war would be lost), but also because you’re just entering the age where sciatica is a possibility. Repetitive motion (like reaching and lifting out laundry) can trigger this, especially combined with other stuff like working at a computer all day, carrying belly weight (which pulls one’s back in funny ways), and stress. I have this on and off (right now, as a matter of fact, same location) and gentle stretching and strengthening of hip flexors and abs help, as does heat, anti-inflammatories, and smooches.

  7. Nope. No other pain. Just right there on the back. I did notice that it feels better when I’m moving around (once I get past the initial “Ow! My back.”), so I’m trying to keep moving around.

  8. No, but I have a mean cat. Could I set him to clawing at the painful area?

    You could give it a try, but I think I’d find a human who knows what he’s doing instead. I was just reading a new study the other day which found more (nearly double the number of) people found relief from back pain from acupuncture than traditional drug therapies (23% reported relief with drug therapy, 48% reported relief with accupuncture).

  9. You might also want to see a physical therapist about whether there are exercises you can do to strengthen those muscles. That’s not a slap at acupuncture, massage, or heat pads, all of which I am in favor of. But those all treat the symptoms, and I’m in favor of preventive medicine.

  10. Dude… I’m pre-approved for 5 days a month off work for back pain. Muscle spasm in your lower back can KILL you. Or at least make you wish you were dead. And how did I first get this ailment? Bending over to lift a laundry basket full of puppies. Heh.

    Bad news is, that was almost 20 years ago. And still here we are.

    Physical therapy, muscle relaxers, and pain pills. Ironically, the more physical therapy I do, the less medication I need.

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