I am not as Bright as I Seem to Be

Did you know that you can drain your iPod and not realize it and become convinced that you’ve broken it and so you become all said because you cannot sing along with Neko Case’s “Tacoma” on your way to work and so you mope around all day until the Butcher is “Did you recharge it?” and you’re all like “No, you don’t understand!  It’s broken!” and he’s all like, “Oh my god.  And you’re the one who went to college.”

But the iPod is fixed!

Err.  Charged.

 Whatever.   Same thing.

8 thoughts on “I am not as Bright as I Seem to Be

  1. Bright enough to see that these comments share the same IP address as a man who wants his birthday present unlaced with black widow eggs.

    Just saying.

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