Random Revelations

1.  No, you don’t have to ask.  Yes, I read it.  Yes, I see what you mean.  Wow.

2.  I suspect that not only can’t Bill Hobbs tell the difference between a fetus and a baby, he can’t tell the difference between a baby and a four year old.

Let me help.

BabyFour year old.

There are a world of differences between babies and four year olds, including that one group can go to pre-k and the other cannot.

But, they do have a few things in common–one being that they both often need daycare.

Just saying.

3.  Two more squares!  I wanted to finish up last night, but I didn’t want to get tired and sloppy and fuck them up.  I never thought I’d see the end of this afghan and yet, now, we’re so close.

4.  It’s hard as a non-Christian who was raised Christian to know exactly where the line between “still my business” and “not my business” is.  Still, I’m glad that Coble made this post.  I think she’s raising an important point a lot of Christians need to ponder.  Are you going to live in the world as if you believe that Jesus is all week or just Sundays?

And if you say “All week,” what does that mean for how you conduct yourself?

To make the point more clearly, the original post about the alleged rape was made by a woman who teaches at that girl’s university–that’s bothersome on a few levels–but it was also made by a woman who publicly proclaims to be a Christian.

When you publicly say that you’re a Christian, what you are saying to the rest of us is that you are trying to be Christ-like.  You, as a part of the Universal Church, are the body of Christ.

As far as that blogger knows, that girl suspects she was the victim of a crime.

And her actions, as a Christian, were to blame the girl for what happened to her.

Yesterday, that was the Christian ministry that stuck with me.

It made me releaved all over again that I left.

32 thoughts on “Random Revelations

  1. I continue to be amazed at the number of people I meet that cannot stand the hypocrisy and empty rhetoric of the current Christian church. Of course, I don’t mean all Christian churches, but too many have, in my opinion, bought into the idea that their churches should be profit centers.

    I think once someone proclaims they are ‘Christian” so that we instantly stop questioning their motives, they should lose all credibility. I think Slarti once made an excellent point that Christianity should be subversive, that is, when it becomes “mainstream” it defeats the purpose. (Assuming I’m paraphrasing correctly.)

    My FIL is a retired minister, and constantly complains that he doesn’t recognize much in current churches that resembles Christianity as he understands it.

    And stop posting so much so you can finish the squares, and begin the exquisite process of tucking in the threads. Its cold up here…

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  3. i like to say christianity is da bomb, i will one day build a church and take all ya money to. i’ve read most of aunt bs stuff and this MACK GUY IS AN IDIOT

  4. JP, I think we’re just lucky an episode of the Jerry Springer show didn’t just break out. I mean, Mack Jr. is just one insult away from being beat up and finding out that his wife is having his dad’s baby it looks like.

  5. Does one have to apply for a personal troll? Is there troll registration? A troll guild? Does Mack’s troll look like this or this?

    Just asking…

  6. Well, you know, you’re busy on the computer. He’s busy with your woman. That’s just how it goes. I’m sure he’ll get back to you when he’s done making her happy.

  7. well dont really have an issue with your post, but you did get a little nasty their with your comment, give me some time to look over your stuff.. by the way, mack shows a lot of favor for the zen resturant.. he mentions it quite often, this used to be a gay bar when he recommended it, now that its not he doesn’t like it.. so i doubt it very much that he is pleasing my women, maybe the mailman, but deffinetly not A WOMAN!! just saying…

  8. In all fairness, you’ve brought your issues with Mack to my blog, which pretty much forces me to respond.

    And, it is kind of weird. I mean, if you really are his kid, it seems like you wouldn’t want to insinuate that he was secretly gay, because then, where’d you come from? But, if you aren’t really his kid, what’s with this weird obsession with him to the point where you’re bothering him at other blogs?

    See what I’m saying? Either way, it makes it seem like you’ve got issues. If you have a real problem with him, you should just spit it out and then let him address it; you know, fight it out like men.

  9. i visit his sight he doesn’t pay me any mind.. i have to come here to get a rise out of someone.. hey ginger WHO AM I?

  10. You are absolutely right, B. I was thinking it was a joke from one of Mack’s personal friends, especially after mentioning the Zen Restaurant…but if you don’t think so, then yeah…this troll has some weird issues.

  11. Although… If it turns out that Mack does have a son who is of legal age, I call first dibs once he gets some therapy to deal with his anger issues towards his dad.


    Just kidding.

    Of course, I’d let Ginger have first dibs. It’s only polite.

  12. spelling…………just saying. this site doesn’t even have spell check. anyways this is going nowhere just let mack know that I’M HERE, HE’S QUEER, AND THAT BEST MEN ARE SUPPOSED TO BE SUPPORTIVE… thanks for ruining the fun

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