Oh, Heck Yes

Someday, if you guys are lucky, I will either get a cell phone with a better camera or stop being so lazy about using the cell phone when I could use a camera that would actually work.

That is not today.  But still, look at this!


This is exactly much cooler than I thought it would be.  I hope it remains looking this cool as the piecing together of it continues.  But you can already get a sense for what I’m hoping for, that there will be a contrast between the uniformity of the squares and colors.  Look how the brown seems to spill across the squares like a muddy river already.  I am so tickled.


From this angle, it reminds me of fields or some kind of landscape.  When Supermousy was helping me with the trial layout, she said it looked like some kind of a map.  From this perspective, I think you can really get that.

3 thoughts on “Oh, Heck Yes

  1. No does it make more sense that I wear a camera and a cellphone on my belt, looking butch and confident.

    The truth is that I lose them. SQ makes me do it as an insurance measure.

  2. What a lovely afghan! I thought when looking at the first picture that it was all brown, with dappled light coming through a window. Then I realized, no, wow, that’s the pattern!

  3. Wow. In my whole life, I’ve never seen a more beautiful afghan. Chances are, I’ve never seen anything that beautiful anywhere, anyplace. This is the sort of throw that brings comfort and warmth to powerful men. The kind that creates an atmosphere that will certainly bring out a man’s best. Look at those colors. Look at the stitching. Magnificent. I shall wrap that around me and stroll the length and breadth of my Kingdom. The children of my village will sings songs about how regal I am with it draped over my broad shoulders. Women will swoon, men will nod appreciatively.

    Will I have it anytime soon?

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