Paranormal State

9:00–Yes, it seems like everyone is searching for the truth.

9:03–Ghosts are trying to kill a kid.  “Director” is annoying as hell already.

9:05–I believe Shelley has a unicorn on her bed.  No wonder the ghosts are pissed.

9:06–Kid is creepy as hell.

9:07–Newscoma, you’d better be watching this!  Timmy’s in the basement. 

9:08–This “Director’s Log” crap has got to stop.  It’s very annoying.

9:09–Timmy’s old neighbor has a bar in his basement.  I’m not saying that that’s any good reason to continue to hang around, but… it’s a bar with a John Wayne poster.

9:11–Timmy’s friend has a great mullet.

9:12–“Dead time?”  This is going to be… something.

9:13–Oh, okay.  Dead time is 3 a.m.  The anti-hour.  I’m just trying to imagine what it would be like if I were a ghost and a bunch of kids tried to contact me.  If I’d been to the John Wayne bar, I might be tempted to fuck with them, but otherwise… I don’t know.  It’s hard for me to understand what the motivation of these dead folks is.

It’s not as compelling as Ghost Hunters, I don’t think.  But Jason and Grant, though sometimes cheesy, at least try to remain skeptical and debunk stuff.  But it seems more less fake than Most Haunted.

9:19–They’re cleansing the house, by reading the Bible.  I wonder what happens if the ghosts and demons are non-Christian.  Do they abide by the Biblical cleansing just as a professional courtesy?

9:21–The Director has a heart-felt conversation with the creepy boy.  Dear readers, you will never believe this, but the Director was once a creepy boy, too.

36 thoughts on “Paranormal State

  1. The second episode is so much better than the first, and by so much better, I mean that there’s a demon and that the director kid is clearly the bastard child of Captain Kirk (though, I suppose, to make the timeline work out, he must be the bastard grandfather of Captain Kirk or something) and the “demonologist” who worked on the Amityville Horror (no mention that that case has been completely debunked) showed up.

    One of the folks over at Television Without Pity called it Catholic propeganda, but I have to say, it’s so bad it almost becomes anti-Catholic propeganda. Like, in the second show, the family was so clearly fucked up and in need of some love and support and counselling and the Amityville woman was talking about how lucky they were that she was able to get the Church to take on their case, and kept reiterating how the Catholic church helps just about no one.

    Well, gee, with friends like that, who needs enemies?

  2. What time does this show start – I couldn’t find a listing for it anywhere! I’m hoping as soon as Dexter ends, and now that Heroes may be on hiatus, I can watch it. Or maybe I should just get a DVR and start having myself a life again. Sigh.

  3. It’s on Mondays on A&E at 9 central. I just want to reiterate that, even though I think I could come to love it, it is BAD. I mean, drinking games are probably already in the works about it bad.

    But that’s really the kind of TV I love.

  4. That director’s voice is annoying. I suppose they are trying to add some fear to the situation with it but it just bothered me. Unless that voice changes I doubt I’ll watch it again.

  5. Doesn’t it remind you a little of Star Trek, too? That’s a problem. Your show, supposedly based on real life, shouldn’t remind people of fiction.

  6. This show is horrible, but I still watched both episodes. The audio and vid evidence was clearly fake. The second episode, they lied about the location of the horrific murders being onsite (see below they happened in ND), etc.

    Don’t even get me started on the super religious overtone and demons.

    Don’t get me wrong, it was good entertainment (aside from the directors voice with the echo effect) but it is advertised as real life and it was clearly faked, staged, overdramatized, etc.
    Even though I’m complaining, Aunt B, like you I will probably watch it again next week.
    I’m just a little disappointed in A&E for building this up so much, and delivering such crap sandwich to us all.
    JMO,… sorry.

  7. This boy is clearly not clarevoyant, he is austistic! Did noone else think he was strange? His voice, not looking people in the eye, his overall “off” demeanor is classic autism or asperger’s.

  8. Curlygirl, in both episodes, I wondered if there wasn’t a medical explanation that would cover most of what was going on in both houses.

    I suppose, too, that the kid could be clarevoyant and autistic. But, yeah, I was troubled that the counselor who talked to him didn’t say “Hey, there’s something more than just ‘I see dead people’ going on here.”

    But I was watching Ghost Hunters last night and they had a case where a girl had a ghost friend (so similar situation) and they came to a similar conclusion (that the place might be haunted) and yet their whole treatment of it was very different, telling the parents not to be alarmed and to not treat it any more seriously than if she had any other type of playmate and to expect that, as she got older, she would grow out of it.

    I just thought, in terms of operating in that paradigm, that was a lot kinder than telling folks that their kid is going to be troubled forever.

  9. The whole demon thing really got on my nerves as well. I wonder how many people out there that have mental problems are now paranoid that “demons” may be following them around. And why did they have to put in a subplot about that anyway. The story would have been interesting (as well as believable) without it. The whole “don’t say his name” and then scrambling the words and flashing them over and over. Bad scripting and acting i guess.

    I’m a little upset about it because when I was 7 years old, a very religious neighbor of ours told me that there was an evil demon living in our house and it was going to follow us around. He went into very scary and gory details, and I was tramatized for a couple years because of it.
    I wonder if this is somehow the old “scare ’em, then save ’em” tactic that is typical of the church.
    Don’t get me wrong, i have nothing against religion, as I myself believe in a higher power, but I think there’s a time and place for that.

    If they keep it up I’ll stop watching A&E all together.

  10. I found the director annoying too. But I’ve watched last nights episodes now too and I think I’m getting used to it. I found the first week was horrible, they have a lot of background music & sound effects CONSTANTLY, it never shuts off, even when they are trying to listen contently, it still goes so we can’t hear what they hear anyway. Then comes his voice over the recording when he’s narrating, I’m not sure if that’s what you found annoying but that is what I mean. He should just talk normal, a little less often and ease up with all the background sound effects and the show would probably be a lot creepier. Interesting show though, I’ll keep watching in although some of it is a little fake and acted out. I like the idea of what he’s doing and I’m hoping we’ll see something pretty cool in the future shows. Of course they always save the best for last!

  11. I like it but then I like to watch Andrew Zimmer eat wood worms and Anthony Bourdain smoke cigs. So . . . what’s wrong with a little entertainment? Isn’t that what it’s supposed to be? Last time I heard, the E in A & E stood for entertainment and that’s just what it is! Hey, if they could get that last family in the trailer to clean up the place, they have a lot going for them.

  12. I had to laugh at the episode about the trailer park haunting. My first impression was “geeze, people you need to clean up your house” Sure enough, the “director” instructed them to clean up the trailer. I almost fell off the chair laughing. The place was such a mess.

    Then they performed an exorcism. Isn’t an exorcism only successful if performed by a trained member of the clergy? They should have called 911 for that, the guy looked like he was have an angina attack.

    I also caught the episode with Lorraine Warren. Has no one told these people that Amityville was a complete and utter hoax? As usual, Lorraine did nothing, but mumble a few platitudes. Way to go Lorraine.

  13. First off the Show does have the appearance of being produced (acted, staged, whatever). However if it were fake don’t you think they would have found someone with pleasant voice? Some glaring mistakes are made like last night the pagan chick (pagans don’t believe in the christian tradition) starts spouting off the names of Archangels. (So she spent more time in the beer halls of happy valley then she did in their philosophy class.)
    On the other hand I felt some goosebumps during parts of the show especially the DARK GUY episode (except for the aforementioned 3rd generation pagan chick).
    I’ll keep watching. I’m diggin it.

  14. Anyone else notice the shadow that shows up when the motion light goes off in the Dark Man episode. The shadow is from a light source down the stairs and after they come back from commercial and show the light being tripped again, the shadow is missing. Sweet. I like watching train wrecks so I’ll be back for more.

  15. I think the show is good but a little hard to believe overall. Does anyone know the story behind Ryan? Why is he being haunted and what is the unspeakable name of the demon that they won’t tell you???

  16. Ryan says in his blog that he doesn’t want to give recognition to the demon so he won’t say it’s name. I’m guessing it’s to save us from something like the candyman movie premise. Hehe. As for why it’s haunting him, I’m sure that will come out in later episodes.

  17. Staged, Cooper the mind reader was instructed with the #2 by Super happy Chip with “see what happens with (2) hands”
    Come on this show is a waste of my time.

  18. I just want to know what that demons fricken name is. Its starting to make me mad not knowing it. If anyone knows please fill me in.

  19. JP, I’m glad to see that you’re getting into the spirit of absurdist comedy around here. ;)

    joe, I can’t remember what they said it was, but a couple of the folks over at Television Without Pity figured it out from the flashing letters. Belail or something.

  20. Belial? (= Bli ‘al = not gonna be resurrected = very bad demon)

    I don’t watch that show so I have no idea how appropriate that might be or why it would have a Jewish demon hanging around, but maybe that’s who you mean?

  21. NM, I think that may be right. Assuming that it is actually that demon (I have grave, grave doubts), I would guess he’s doing what everyone else watching that group is doing–having a good laugh.

  22. After careful review of the letters flashed up on the screen which are LEIBLA and AEILBL one can assume it’s Belial.

    I think its LIABLE, which is why he won’t say it. If he makes up false information about a bad ass demon, you can bet that demon will sue.

  23. I watched the New Years mini marathon and man is that show terrible! Monkeys throwing poo at one another would be more entertaining.
    Ghost Hunters is much better than these tools. At least they are skeptical about everything and not saying everything little thing is a ghost or demon.

  24. I caught this show for the first time tonight as a rerun marathon. I had been very interested in seeing the show, as I love “Ghost Hunters.” I came in halfway through the Shadow Man episode.

    By the time the director got to describing the Wicca as “an ancient religious tradition”, I was ready to shut off the TV. Research obviously wasn’t done at all, even on the part of the practicing pagan if she was allowing the director to spout that line of crap. Paganism as we know it dates back to 1950’s England and a certain gentleman named Gerald Gardner. If you want to follow an alternative religious path, fine – but don’t misrepresent yourself. She’s giving every other pagan out there a bad name.

    Anyway, I persevered through the end of this terrible episode, and tried to make it through the next episode, in which Chip Coffey made an appearance. The director, in this episode, keeps going on (and on and on and on) about a demon’s name. This detracts completely from the “investigation” that’s going on. And “investigation” is far too generous a word. These are kids who are so desperate to believe, they’re grasping at every occult straw. They’re not looking at mundane explanations for any of the experiences that are being reported.

    This is not a show I’ll be tuning into again, and A&E is going back on the list of networks I won’t be watching.

  25. Any fool knows that Native Americans don’t believe in the Christian’s one almighty power. I’m certain that would make banishing a native spirit with holy smoke and holy water impossible. But these aren’t just any fools. I’m also willing to bet native americans didn’t use the 24hr clock like the white man either. Which makes dead time even more ridiculous than it already is.

  26. I am interested in the paranormal. I am sure people have experienced things that they(and others)cannot explain. But this show is a fake, in my opinion. It has the feel of Blair Witch. I give them credit for using the same kind of “playing on our childhood fears” tactic that “witch” used to get people to watch and talk about it-I guess that was smart. The “speaking thru a telephone” voice over is just annoying, if what you have are real paranormal experiences you wouldn’t need all those effects. This show uses out dated christian ignorance and superstition in the worst way. These kids go to college? It’s funny how all the “ghosts” respond to christian dogma-what about voodoo or every other religion on earth that believes in “evil” or ghosts? Their reading from the bible is just so outdated and ignorant- like preachers reading from revelation-ooh it’s just so creepy when we have no idea when or why it was written and then bank on there being an audience who is just as ignorant! What a waste of a good education. They are less about investigation and more about hollywood “lowest common denominator.” Maybe in a future episode some of those “hot students” can attempt sexual relations and the ghosts can get mad and try to kill them? Oh, that’s been done before? Must be why they were smart enough to come up with a “new” way to sell fear. And, about that demon-do you think he is okay with being on tv? Did they have to get him under contract? Is it sane to think that a demon is after you? I think the only thing scary about this show is the ego of the guy who runs the whole thing-thinking you have a personal demon after you seems a little narcissistic to me. I didn’t even go to college and yet this show by college students manages to insult my intelligence. There are much more scary things in this world than this show, like how people like this always seem to get a voice and an audience.

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