The Afghan–An Update

I wanted to get a picture of the dresser under question, but when I walked into the Butcher’s room, I was distracted by someone doing a pretty good job of eating a candy cane.  I won’t mention any names, but you can see the evidence to his right, there.


I only have three rows left to sew together on the afghan.  I think this picture gives you a good idea of how it’s turning out (and you can see the gaps in the bottom rows, if you look carefully).


I could not be more pleased, really.  It’s turned out much more interesting than I had hoped for and look how manly it is!  Ha.  Here’s a clowe up shot of nine squares so you can get a feel for how the brown is working.


I’d like to tell you that I just have to sew those squares together, slap on a border and call it done, but here, America, is my secret shame.  I don’t tuck ends as I go along.


17 thoughts on “The Afghan–An Update

  1. Friday Catblogging! I like it! :)

    I thought I could click on “The Cats” and sift through some posts here to find more info about your beasts. Imagine my surprise as I was presented with all manner of WordPress blogs with the same categorizations.

  2. Wow! You crocheted a whole cat!

    The afghan is beautiful. Is it indicative of mental sickness on my part that it reminds me of flying into St. Louis in ’93?

  3. I love how the pattern turned out, too. NM, I don’t think so. It kind of reminds me of that as well.

    JP, wow. That is weird. If you click on the “The Cats” link on the right, though, it will take you to pictures and entries about them.

  4. I love how”someone” is looking all, “Yeah… So what of it? You wanna try and take it away from me? You go right ahead and try. I dare ya. Go on. Try.”

  5. He was totally ready to fight me for it. You can see his left paw is slightly out a little farther–that’s because he’s got it ready to swing at me. The Butcher called and I warned him he might not want to eat the candy cane on his dresser and he was all like “What candy cane?” so apparently not only was the cat eating on it, I caught him just after he commandeered it for himself.

  6. I have four completed afghans sitting in a basket, all with untucked ends, for I loathe that part. I stopped crocheting anything with squares or even with more than one color to minimize the end-tucking horror.

  7. Does someone have an accent?

    I totally hear him threatening you in an accent.

    “Go ahead. Take the Candy Cane. But ask yourself: Do you feel lucky today?”

  8. You don’t even know what a bully he is! He’ll sit right at dog-butt height and when she passes by, he reaches out, springs his claws, and smacks Mrs. W. right on the butt and she gets all excited like he’s going to play with her and he just rolls his eyes and ignores her.

  9. JP, wow. That is weird. If you click on the “The Cats” link on the right, though, it will take you to pictures and entries about them.

    Didn’t find such a link on the right (except below the post, to the right of “Filed under:”), but I found one on the left, under “Categories.” Both links gave me the same thang: A bunch of different WordPress blog entries from different people (including you), under the heading, “Blogs about: The Cats.”

    Maybe if I were logged in as a WordPress user, it would know I only wanted to see stuff about your cats.

  10. Can’t you give Mack the afghan as is and have his kids tuck in the ends as they all cuddle under it?

    And they shall do so at your house, NM., after consuming Sun Drop and candy all day.


  11. Just because I haven’t yet discovered the tipping point where your children slip from hyper into sugar comas doens’t mean that such a point doesn’t exist. I’m just doing research.

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