Like that O Henry Story But Without the Artistry

Y’all I have been on fire in the gift buying department this year.  I have bought gifts so perfect for the people on my list that I fully intend to spend the next two weeks having to fend off the dreaded dry-no-lip-relative-mouth kiss.  You know the one, where they don’t really want to kiss you and you don’t really want to kiss them, but it seems like a kiss is necessary because of the awesomeness of the event and so they come at you with the smallest lip surface available, the rest rolled back into their mouth and so you end up in more of some kind of weird nose-poking-face set-up than some actual kiss?

And so, I purchased for the Butcher “God of War 2,” which I have been assured, both by him and the internet, is the most awesome game ever and a fitting end to the PlayStation 2.

Well, I guess so, because the second the Butcher put it in the Playstation (yes, we exchanged gifts a week and a half ago), the PlayStation refused to work.

Bah Humbug.

He has, however, taken it over to various other PlayStation 2s and assures me that it is the most awesome game ever, ever, ever.  If anyone knows any tricks for ressurecting a PS2, I’d love to hear them.

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