The Play’s The Thing

Andrew Sullivan’s reporting that that dink, Jonathan Franzen says

Yes, in theory, words are words. But literature isn’t data. The difference between Shakespeare on a BlackBerry and Shakespeare in the Arden Edition is like the difference between vows taken in a shoe store and vows taken in cathedral

which just goes to show you what a wrong-headed elitist dink said dink, Jonathan Franzen, is, because anyone who believes that the essense of Shakespeare is found in the pages of the Arden Edition is not only missing the forest for the trees, he’s missing the god damn trees.

You want Shakespeare, you go see Shakespeare performed.

He was, after all, a playwrite.

Edited to add:  I appear to not be the only person who noticed that Franzen doesn’t, apparently, understand how plays work.

3 thoughts on “The Play’s The Thing

  1. Hey, my readers have asked me to start blogging drunk. I can’t possibly blog drunk all the time–my liver can only take so much–and so I must just act like I’m blogging drunk.

    Hence the misspellings.

    I’d think you’d appreciate the effort.

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