Perhaps Pluto is the Bratty Kid of the Universe?

The Stewman asks an important question:

How can the Hubble Space Telescope continually show us brilliant, detailed,and spectacular photos of some galaxies as far away as 450 million light years away, but can’t seem to come up with a decent picture of Pluto?!

My theory is, after years of attending family reunions and observing people getting their photos taken is that those far away galaxies are just too old and slow to get out of the way when Hubble whoops out the camera, yet again.

3 thoughts on “Perhaps Pluto is the Bratty Kid of the Universe?

  1. Galaxies put out energy in the form of visible light, and that’s what shows up on film. Pluto is only visible from the light reflected off it by the sun which is 3.66 billion miles away. So not a lot of light gets reflected off of it.

    It’s kind of like all those Nascar fans with their disposable cameras who expect their flash to illuminate Dale jr.’s car as it goes around a turn a half mile away at 200 mph.

    Call me Mr. Wizard.

  2. And just why are you wanting to peer at Pluto? Isn’t the rest of the universe enough for you?

    Soon you’ll be bathing it and making it all itchy.

    How’s Mrs. Wigglebotttom?

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