As far as I can tell, having spent the morning making phone calls, no one in town is stocking actual absinthe.  You can get some de-wormwood-ed crap, but the actual stuff, recently legalized?  No.

Do we not have a large enough Goth population in this city to make this happen?

14 thoughts on “Absinthe

  1. No, I thought it might be cool for the solstice gathering tonight. But the non-wormwood stuff they have is like 130 proof or something ridiculous and I both have to drive home and don’t want to accidentally poison anyone.

    Plus, I want to be coherent when I’m reading tarot cards.

  2. They legalized Absinthe. I didn’t know that. For what it’s worth, the thujone from the wormwood is so minute in amount that, despite it’s reputation, absinthe is really no more hallucenigenic or otherwise psychoactive than any other kind of alcohol.

  3. I told you, recently legalized, the distributors haven’t put it in their pipeline yet, and most probably won’t. as the average person has no idea what it is. What store owner is going to stock and entire case of it?

  4. It wouldn’t have been all that smart, is what I’m trying to say. Its expensive, so it ties up money that could be used to purchase inventory that turns faster, and has a larger spread. I wouldn’t stock it. Now, if someone came in to order some, thats different. Collect a deposit, order what they want, mark it up, and the world is a better place.

  5. I tried absinthe once and it tasted like licorice (it was dark and from India). I really hope all absinthe does not taste like that.

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