Holy Sh*t!

Y’all, I don’t know if it’s just residual crap from my ankle acting up the other day or sitting on the floor last night or what, but I have hurt my back so bad I about can’t stand it.

I was trying to clean the bathroom and just to lean over the little bit to scrub the sink was agony and I had to go lay down every twenty minutes or so and just let the pain subside.

I want to take something, but I’m not sure I should take any more Advil.  Is it cheating to reach the recommended dosage of Advil and then switch to Tylenol?

3 thoughts on “Holy Sh*t!

  1. I’ve had doctors tell me to alternate betwee Advil and Tylenol when I’ve been unable to get a fever down.

    I’ve also had them tell me to take waaaay more than the recommended dose of Advil for pain.

    So go for it.

  2. You can take both and it works well to take them at alternating intervals. Advil is excreted by the kidneys and Tylenol by the liver so you don’t overload any one organ by taking them both. When I just had my wisdom teeth out they had me taking 600 mg of advil every 6 hrs and at the 3 hr point taking tylenol to make sure I was still covered when the concentration of advil started to go down in my bloodstream. I was also eating Vicodin like jellybeans for 2 weeks but that’s a side issue. hope your back feels better!

  3. I hope it’s not still that bad.

    I’ve been told by various doctors that I can take up to 800 mg ibuprofen at once, staggered with the standard dosage of extra strength Tylenol. For someone over 180 lbs, 1000 mg ibuprofen is the max, and for someone over 220 lbs, 1200, again, so I’ve been told by doctors, but I Am Not A Doctor.

    If I mentally envision heat packs on your sore spots at you, do you suppose that will help?

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