I Saw It With My Own Eyes!

The tiny cat can pee in the toilet!!!!!!

I was sitting here and I heard the sound of tinkling and I grabbed the phone and ran over to the bathroom door and tried to get the camera on the phone set up while getting the bathroom light on, but all the noise and light-flashing was not condusive to getting a picture of an animal with a tiny bladder peeing.

But damn if that cat hasn’t taught herself to pee in the toilet!

Seriously (or in LOL cat srsly), she has a brain the size of a small toad and yet she has managed, after seven years, to figure out what the toilet is for and how to use it.

I have to tell you, it makes me feel a little inadiquate.

And, as for all you babies out there who read Tiny Cat Pants, I am on to you.  If a cat can teach herself, after seven years, to pee in the toilet, there’s no excuse for giving your folks any trauma about potty training.

10 thoughts on “I Saw It With My Own Eyes!

  1. I suspect, though I could be wrong, that she prefers we leave the toilet seat up. Both documented peeing instances have happened when the toilet seat is up. And that seems to me to be a small concession to make in order to have peeing in the toilet.

    I just can’t get over it.

    I wonder if I should somehow alert scientists, in case they want to clone her for cat-smartening purposes…

  2. That is amazing — New Kitty keeps jumping onto the toilet –maybe we should leave the lid up and see what happens.. she did pee in the bathroom sink once, but I think that was a message about the status of her box, not any attempt to help us out :).

  3. Wow. And I thought my cat was smart for learning how to work the doorknob of the basement. Your cat rules.

    My cat is absolutely obsessed with the upstairs bathroom. She goes mental if the door is closed. I thought it was because she remembers that the sink used to drip (yay me! I fixed that.) and she used to drink out of the tap. Now I think maybe she’s working out how to pee in the toilet.

  4. I have boy cats. I think the best I can do is teach them to pee on the floor in front of the toilet.

    … and Curly likes to drink from the bowl, as well. He’s a paw-dipper, that one. Never directly out of any container. Always paw-water-paw-mouth.

  5. A friend’s cat used to flip the toilet lid up, jump in the toilet and splash all the water out all over the bathroom. They had to install those child-resistent latches on all of the toilets to keep him out. They filmed him or we never would have believed it.

    Now, will Tiny Cat poop in the toilet? This might be your Solstice miracle, you realize that right?

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