Short Notes to Folks Who Need Them


Dear Yahoo,

My computer is old.  I’ll admit.  But why is it that I can read my emails but not send any?  If you weren’t going to work on a computer, wouldn’t you just not work completely instead of torturing me with emails I can’t return or send?



Dear Slarti,

This is tickling me so much I can’t even tell you.  Let me mull it over a little and get back to you after the folks are gone.




Absolutely.  We must go check out the place behind Purity.




In response to your Christmas card, I just wanted to say that what I’ve always appreciated about you is your willingness to tolerate people’s weirdness.  It put me at ease.



To my Present-Sending Midwestern Reader,

The Butcher actually got the box out of the mailbox and then left it on the table under some other crap.  I finally found it and opened it, and much to his chagrin at the moment, it was not a box of SARS. 

Hurray, and thanks.  The tiny shampoo was a delightful touch.



Hey, Mack,

So, we’ll all be there about three, okay?

Ha, ha, just kidding.  We have to go to the Parthenon, but not in the Parthenon, and then to Ryan’s.


2 thoughts on “Short Notes to Folks Who Need Them

  1. on 1: If you are using a email client application (Outlook/Outlook Express/MacMail/Thunderbird/etc), your ISP could be blocking the SMTP port you are trying to use. If that is the case, try sending from the web-based mail interface and it should go right through.

  2. Also, the older the computer, the more helpful it gets to ruthlessly uninstall anything you don’t need. There is the caveat that you should make sure you’re not deleting a chunk of your OS.

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