A Better Reason than Most Not to Vote

The big news in Nashville is that, over the holidays, someone broke into the Davidson County Election Commission and stole laptops containing all registered Davidson County voters’ names, addresses, and social security numbers.

I have a bit of advice for the Davidson County Election Commission.  They have these portable drives that plug right into a computer’s USB port and they hold a ton of information.  You could just totally keep all of our invaluable personal information on such drives, leave those drives hanging off of your front door knob at night and that way, that information could just fall into the hands of whoever without you having to suffer with broken windows or missing computer equipment.

Seriously, there’s not one person at the Davidson County Election Commission who thought, “Gee, maybe we shouldn’t put this information on devices easily stolen?”

Anyway, I hope folks are right and that the likelihood is that the thieves wanted the computers and not the information on them, but you know, it seems to me that, unless the burglars are as thoughtless as the Commission, even if they only wanted the computers, once they realized that what was on the computers was so valuable, that probably changed their interest in the machines.

7 thoughts on “A Better Reason than Most Not to Vote

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  2. Numbers to call to put a free, initial fraud alert on your credit alerts:

    TransUnion: 800-680-7289
    Equifax: 800-525-6285
    Experian: 888-397-3742

    A new law goes into effect tomorrow (Jan. 1, 2008) allowing residents of Tennessee to freeze their credit. Until Jan. 1, 2009, however, this has to be done by certified mail. Instructions for how to do so can be found here:

    Click to access securityTN.pdf

  3. or, if the allure of the easily movable computer is just too great, folks should use some sort of cryptographic software to secure the data. googling TrueCrypt finds you one very good, easy to use such that doesn’t even cost money.

    okay, so it does force you to — gasp! — think of good passwords, and type them in. it might smack of — horrors! — eggheadedness, as all things which force people to think a little before putting the most cerebral tool ever invented by humankind to serious use do. but hey, there’s legal repercussions to letting people’s personal information get stolen without some such precautions, so suck up the taint of geekiness and do the responsible thing, y’all.

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