Doggie Deja Vu

I had this conversation with my nephew and then two days later my mom had this conversation with my nephew–the exact same conversation.

Me (or Mom):  Stop messing with the dog.  She doesn’t like it.

Nephew: Why?  Will she bite me.

Me (or Mom): No, but she’ll be very unhappy with you.

Time passes and I (or Mom) stop scrutinizing nephew’s actions.  Suddenly, the dog makes a very scary and unhappy noise.

Nephew: Hey!

Me (or Mom):   What happened?

Nephew: I was just messing with the dog when she did that.

Me (or Mom): Did she bite you?

Nephew: No.

Me (or Mom): So, in other words, you did what I told you not to do and the dog did what I told you she’d do and now you’re angry and upset.

I mean, seriously, folks.  My mom had to tell him to stop messing with the dog’s face.  Who messes with the face of a strange dog? The Butcher says “A ten year old boy.”

Fair enough.

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