Only Among the Folks in Washington…

Only among the folks in Washington can three people who have all been Senators run for president and the man who’s run before be considered an outsider.

America, do you know who would be a real outsider in the Democratic race?

Tiny Pasture.

Call me with talk of “outsider” when he gains momentum in Iowa.

4 thoughts on “Only Among the Folks in Washington…

  1. I can’t give someone a “pass” on getting wrong the biggest issue we face today. It’s easy to say, “oh I was wrong back then”. Almost 4,000 US troops are dead, close to 30,000 maimed, and 100,000s of thousands dead and maimed Iraqis.

    “oops, got that one wrong”.

    Here’s the guy I voted for in 2004.

    Wish I wouldn’t have voted at all.

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