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I happened to catch the original Law & Order last night.  They’ve made some changes.  Fontana’s gone.  Good riddance, really.  Some dude who looks familiar but I can’t place him is in.  He’s like a less genius eccentric Bobby and they tried to give him some backstory, but it’s Law & Order so who cares?

The nice thing about him is that his acting style meshes well with the guy who plays Green and so Green seems to have nice, rich contours, even without being any different, just because he’s given some room, if that makes sense.

And I love seeing Jack McCoy as DA.  Love it.  The new ADA I like too, but it’s only been two episodes and I’m already tired of seeing him whip out the Blackberry of Doom.

Anyway, I’m interested to see how it goes. 

8 thoughts on “Law & Order

  1. The guy who replaces Fontana (played by Chicago native and former cop Dennis Farina) is played by Jeremy Sisto, who’s probably familiar because he’s done some of everything in his career. Sisto replaces Milena Govich, who spent one season playing Green’s partner Cassidy (who replaced Fontana). Martin and Sisto are both good actors, but I wish Jerry Orbach were still alive and well. I miss Lennie Briscoe.

  2. By the way, B., I didn’t see the premiere, because I usually catch L & O in reruns on TNT (usually during downtime at the firehouse). I think Linus Roache is a good actor (and yet another Brit playing a Yank on an NBC drama series!), and it will be interesting to see McCoy moved up the chain.

  3. Ha, poor Govich, I’d totally forgotten she was on. As for Lennie Briscoe, no kidding. I think, if you ever read a sappy post of mine that makes you weep openly at the firehouse, you should just tell your firefighting brothers that you were reading a post about Lennie Briscoe.

    Anybody who can’t weep openly for the passing of Lennie Briscoe doesn’t deserve to be called an American. Or something. You’ll have to ad lib that part. Ha.

  4. Did you ever see Jeremy Sisto on 6 Feet Under? He has been in lots of things, but that has been my favorit.

    The overly botoxed, strangely slant eyed female asistant ADA kind of gives me the creeps though. She looks like something went slightly off in the last plastic surgery.

  5. Random fact: Jeremy Sisto dad is Dick Sisto, a jazz vibraphonist up here in Louisville who plays in the Seelbach Bar downtown weeknights. He’s sort of the ambassador of jazz when musicians come to town to play. All you have to do is buy a bourbon and watch him play in a bar that F. Scott Fitzgerald once drank in. Extremely cool time if feeling a bit jazz snooty.

    Talked to the guy (Dick) once and he was really cool. I asked him what pop music he likes, and he said that while he doesn’t listen too much, but he does like the Beatles… and Hall and Oates.

  6. Which I thought was cool, since he wasn’t trying to impress by being like… “I like The Beatles, Dylan, other bands the critic class tells me I should like, etc.” He gave an honest non-pretentious answer.

  7. My bud MC Verb works in NYC and used to work for the city council where the L&O episodes are often shot. One day he saw Waterston and said, “I loved you in Capricorn One.” Waterston was dumbfounded.

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