Oops, I Support Terrorists!

Thanks to Tennessee Republican Party person Bill Hobbs, I have discovered that I’m a supporter of terrorism.  It’s kind of complicated to follow, but stick with it.

I am a person.  I gave $35 to Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) when I went to their tasty and suspiciously well-run informative fund-raising breakfast.  Perhaps I should have been suspicious when a non-profit group invited me to anything of any sort and even more suspicious when their agenda said that their breakfast would take an hour and it did!  Only an hour.  Very, very sneaky of them, if you think about it.  How can a girl not have good feelings towards a group that promises to only take an hour of her time and then sticks to it?  Don’t those TIRRC folks know that here in America, when a non-profit group invites you to be trapped in a room with them while they’re raising money, they keep you in that room as long as they darn well please?

Anyway, according to the fine folks over at the New English Review,TIRCC employs one Kasar Abdullah, who, according to them, was once the president of the Muslim Student association at Tennessee State University (another institution I support every time I shop, since my tax dollars go there–oops, again).  Now, everyone knows that Tennessee State University is and has been a hot-bed of terrorism, with known terrorist alumni such as Oprah Winfrey and Wilma Rudolph and advancing such terrorist causes as desegregating higher education here in Tennessee.

Okay, so you follow so far.  I gave money to TIRCC, which supposedly employs Abullah, who supposedly was the president of the Muslim Student association when she was in college.  The Muslim Student association supposedly gets money from Saudi Arabia, which proves that Abullah is attempting to infiltrate the United States and change us all into radical Muslims and I support her in this cause because I gave money to TIRCC.

Now, I could use similar lines of “reasoning” to prove that Bill Hobbs is a racist, because he once worked for Belmont University, which started life at the Ward-Belmont College, there on land once owned by the slave-owning Adelicia Acklen, but if I even suggested that, you’d hear hollering about how just because someone takes money from an institution tangentially associated with slavery doesn’t make one a racist and on and on about how unfair I am towards poor, put-upon Bill Hobbs.

But Bill Hobbs wants to link approvingly to some article about how Muslims are slowly infiltrating our country in some slow-ass effort to change our culture?  No problem with that, apparently.

He says:

The website New English Review has an important article about the growth of the Muslim population in Nashville – and the troubling connections of some local Muslim organizations to radical Islamists.

And so I ask, publicly, here and now.  Bill Hobbs, why is this article important?  And what are these troubling connections?

Because, I read that article and find it to be just a step removed from the the Lincoln-Kennedy assassination connections–a lot of coincidence, manipulated facts, and trumped-up connections. And I have to wonder if the Tennessee Republican Party is really going to advance social policy based on beliefs and connections no more reliable than a child’s game of telephone.

I mean, really.

8 thoughts on “Oops, I Support Terrorists!

  1. The “important” article suggests that they (meaning, I suppose, muslim immigrants) are being slyly subversive by assimilating.

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    How do these morons sleep at night, what with all the terrorists hiding under their beds? Must be hell.

  2. Ha, good point! The Mexicans are a problem because y’all don’t assimilate and the Muslims are a problem because they do.

    Clearly, there’s no way to win.

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  4. B, that article is priceless! The writers speak approvingly of attempts to reunite the Kurds with their ancient heritage as Medes, completely ignoring the fact that the myth of Kurdish descent from the Medes has been disproven over and over.* I couldn’t get much beyond that, because I kept being distracted by there not being any links to tell me about all the “well-known” connections between local groups and terrorist organizations the authors were claiming.

    *This reminds me of attempts by separatist-minded folks in southern Spain during the 1980s and ’90s to reconnect with their Andalusían heritage by adopting Islam. In that case, they were ignoring several well-documented dispersals of most Andalusi Muslims in the 13th and 14th centuries, and the exile of their remaining descendants in the 16th.

  5. Tee hee.

    NM, I’m only sad that, by eating with me, you now have “documented” terrorist ties as well. Mack already had such ties (I know for a fact that he, himself, keeps five terrorists under his own bed just to bring out should Bill Hobbs ever visit) or I’d apologize to him, too.

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