Random Things–The ‘I am a mess’ edition

1.  I finished Mack’s afghan yesterday.  Hurray!

2.  I still feel like shit.  I have one thing I want to do today.  Just one thing.  And I feel so crappy I don’t think I’m going to be able to do it and when I think about not being able to do it, I start to cry like a big baby, which just reinforces that it’s a bad idea for me to do it, because I am a snotty, weepy mess.

3.  I feel like I should say something about MCB, but I don’t know what.  I love Coble and I’m sorry to see people gloating about what must be a tough decision for her.  I was grossed out to see how quickly her leaving descended into comments about her cooter and what it’s doing and whether that affects her decisions.  And I feel for everybody trying to muddle through figuring out how to make MCB a community and then how best to meet the needs of that community.

4.  I’m going to take a shower and see if that doesn’t make me feel better.  Otherwise, it’s back to NyQuil.