13 thoughts on “Done and Delivered!

  1. Ooh, very nice. Hoping to have my first “major” knitting project done tomorrow (maybe). I don’t even want to think of doing something that size (I know you crocheted not knitted, but I’m guessing the time involved is about the same).

  2. Mack looks so much better in my hats than in his own, is the problem.

    That’s a beeeeyoutiful afghan, B. And it doesn’t really look like flooded fields now that it’s finished.

  3. A masterpiece befitting both its creator and its recipient. (Even the White Cat agrees.)

    I think Don Coyote looks like he’s about to whip out a saber and carve an M into something. En garde!

  4. Grandfille, you’re totally right. Has he ever looked more like Don Coyote than he does right there? I think not.

    Dolphin, I think knitting is much harder than crochetting, just for the record, so I am a little envious of your skills.

    Lee, tease all you want, but there’s little more fun than a man with dexterous fingers and knitting is good for giving folks dexterous fingers. Tee hee.

  5. Oooo! When I saw the first picture, it looked like you had sewn sequins onto it! A sequined afghan. That would be…. well, uncomfortable. Love this though. Well done!

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