Afghan Sizes

Okay, crafty readers, I need some knowledge and insight for my next project, which will be the afghan made with the yarn Mom and I dyed.

What good is a 39 x 50 inch afghan?  That’s just over three feet by four feet, right?

The pattern I have, which I’m really digging, I just noticed makes an afghan 39×50 inches.  And I just don’t understand what a grown-ass person is supposed to do with that.  How do you nap under that on the couch?

I think what I’m going to have to do is double it and turn it on its side so that it’s 50 inches wide and 78 inches long, unless I hear from y’all that there’s some use for afghans no one can curl up under.

13 thoughts on “Afghan Sizes

  1. Oh, sure, but where am I going to get a baby?

    Ha, I tease.

    I have to admit, I’m so tickled with myself at Mack’s afghan that I’m thinking of making one and giving it away here at TCP (not like Mack’s, but some other experiment).

  2. Depending on the pattern, can’t you just keep going with rows until you get it the length that you want? Same with the width, just figure out how many stitches you need for the pattern stitch and then just chain the multiple of the pattern stitch number.

  3. That’s my plan. I was just baffled by why the pattern designer would think anyone would want such a small thing in the first place.

    I should post some pictures, though, of my first two squares. I think it’s going to end up looking very cool.

  4. somehow I find that unsatisfactory.

    I find throws very unsatisfactory. My parents have several very warm and comfy fleece throws and the drive me nuts because I can’t cover everything with it.

  5. I ditto Dolphin on the throws… I’m only 5’4″ and they’re useless to me.
    I want something that provides full coverage for my sofa naps.

  6. Bear in mind this is not a complaint, but my beautiful new afghan covers me from jawbone to johnson…and beyond, but takes two people to help me out from underneath it. I know you said i can machine wash it, but I faxed a pic to the manufacturer and they said it would void my warranty…


  7. Kids of chore-doin’ age count as washing machines, Mack. ;) No warranties there.

    If you listen to my dad tell it, kids of chore-doin’ age count as just about every non-bladed major appliance you can think of – dish washers, washing machines, remote controls – and some they haven’t invented yet (“go to the bathroom for me because I’m too lazy to go myself”).

  8. My MIL makes afghans that size. They’re apparently all the rage in nursing homes and other places where the wheelchair-bound use them as laprobes. Something about not being able to use your legs decreases the circulation so they’re always cold or something.

    I know my MIL makes about 200 a year for some Catholic nursing home in Scranton. She’s always talking about the nuns asking for more blankets.

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