Just Another Day in the Life of a Tennessean with a Uterus

1.  NM, look here.  And Bridgett, if you’re around.

2.  Professor, look here and here.

3.  I’ve been thinking about Emiliano Monjaraz all day and wondering if Hobbs believes him to have been at fault as well.  Just how far does the guilt for being an “illegal” extend?  It’s really something to think about, that it was not even a decade ago that, if a man killed another man in this state, Tennesseans would, out of the goodness of their hearts, send enough money to the victim’s widow to allow her to take care of her family, even if her husband wasn’t one of those “honest” Tennesseans.  I’m not saying that things were perfect back then, but something has gone terribly wrong since then.

4.  Yes, indeed, let’s waste our time trying to change the state constitution to unguarantee a woman a right to an abortion in case Roe v. Wade is ever overturned in a state that is three hours thick.  While you’re at it, Republicans, why don’t you work on banning women of child-bearing age from driving, because, otherwise…  Oh, yeah, right.  Rich women will still be able to do whatever the hell they want and poor women will continue to suffer under your punitive busy-bodying.  But, hey, look!  This year they found some women to help them feel okay about trampling on our right to say what happens to our bodies.

5 .  Thanks to John Lamb over at the Hispanic Nashville Notebook, the Professor and I are going to see The Orphanage.  I’m excited.

6.  I’ve decided that I really should learn Spanish so that when someone says that we are “amigos de caca,” I know if I’m being complimented–like we’re friends who’ve been through some shit together–or if it’s an insult–like we’re friends and I’m full of poop.  Or both.  I guess I could ask John Lamb, who surely has nothing better to do that to act as my personal translator.

17 thoughts on “Just Another Day in the Life of a Tennessean with a Uterus

  1. NM, I love ya gal.

    I could picture your face as you made your comment and you could picture mine grinning. Come to twitter and ignore them all.

  2. heh heh, uterine blogging … of course, the GOP, i learned recently. place women into two categories: the pregnant and the pre-pregnant.

  3. Saraclark: Twitter? Don’t you need a cell phone for that? Besides, I gotta get some work done sometime. (Oh, and BTW, nothing I have written here has anything to do with #9.) And B, if you didn’t know, Saraclark is a big bluegrass fan, too. We ended up sitting next to each other at a show once, totally by accident. I’m too pooped to think about who/what I know for public consumption/in private for that thread right now, but thanks for linking it. I will take my energizing medicines and eat some dinner and go post there, because the whole question is one that is dear to me.

  4. (Oh, and BTW, nothing I have written here has anything to do with #9.)


    You don’t need a cell phone for Twitter, but you can use one if you want to…all you need is a computer. It’s fun!

  5. Oh yeah, all over the glbtq country thread…though I’m sure that either nm or Sista can be a lot more comprehensive.

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  7. The truth is that I find it exhausting to engage with people who fling insults all over the place while complaining that I’ve insulted them. You never actually get to deal with the topic at hand. Which is a shame, because I think that the topic of why so many commenters felt compelled to put such a highly gendered spin on their complaints is, um, fascinating.

    And I generally don’t read 9’s comments (because such a high proportion of what he writes is insult-slinging) so it took me quite a while to figure out what on earth he was going on about. I mean, yeah, I guess he uses a lot of misogynist language, but he uses so much antagonistic language across the board that I missed that single shining example.

  8. Was Christgau drunk when he wrote that? There’s nothing to unpick in the entire article — what was wrong with him?

  9. Pull enough things out of your ass and you too can claim to be the “Dean of American Rock Critics.” (Or the William F. Buckley, if so inclined.) I find all those guys kind of tedious. However, whether I like the article or not, it does go to demonstrate that a lot of people (not just Kat) have heard the same rumor…

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